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    Btw rates are definitely increased from +12 to +15 aswell....i know the official notice only mentions +9 to +12 but it's also boosted till +15.

    Source: everyone is getting +15's incluiding myself with not too many stones, plus we had the same thing happen in the last stigma event.

    Drestam today at 19:42 o'clock

    Hello again, just a quick note: Ticket 1111 is just a vanilla item, you can't do anything with it Have a nice evening!

    Sadly they removed this entire part of the current event, what a coincidence, because it gives more sources to transformations.
    Sry but this is a joke birthday. Nothing to celebrate here, besides gambling a 0,01% Tiamat or doing trash Hero Trials, where u dont even have information about whether u get the second needed item part for the locked legendary transformation or not and looking at the max reward, i dont even wanna start.

    Galeas what's your response to this? Events planned 2-3 months ahead. We've been asking for transformations for longer than 2-3 months. This was an opportunity to give us that by SIMPLY COPY PASTING a KR event. You guys didn't even have to improve rewards, nothing, just copy paste like u copy paste all the other trash events. But instead you guys chose to nerf the good part of the event. What is this joke? You keep saying you're listening to our feedback, saying it's being forwarded to the team...but the result we get is the EXACT OPPOSITE.

    This is irrefutable proof that you guys don't plan on giving us anything that we ask for when giving feedback and that our feedback is completly useless.

    still need to wait for 25th-27th days, but I think this is the first event where you can get ulti transformation by actually playing the game

    EDIT: I don't have my hopes up too much, it's prolly gonna be like a few mobs for each server

    KR supposedly got 1 ult form per faction, so do the math.

    Because they love small, young looking girls :P Some strange fetish xD

    Why do half the people always take this to the sexual side of things? It's a game, your character is supposed to be in a made-up world, it's not real. Tiny characters are more cute-sy and the engine doesn't really allow you to make actual beautiful characters like BDO or something. Most korean characters are like this aswell.

    They do not get 600 in 6 months, you cannot do 100 runat per month :) It is mathematically impossible. 2/day -> 14 per week -> 56 per month :) Unless you wanna cash for resets. Unless you get more than 1 bag per win/draw

    And if we get it, instead of 600 we'll have to farm 10.000, and the fragment won't be 100% dropped, but you'll be able to buy a box from the shop with 299 AC that can give you, randomly ofc, one fragment.

    Afaik you get 4 per win, 1 per loss.

    I got informed by our server members that if you get 24 cards , you get all possible rewards under 24 combination title , including Kaisinel + Marhutan , is it true?

    Yes and here's another piece of information - last year some dude spent something like 8k euros and didn't get the last card. It's designed to be like "omg i just need one more card so i'll keep cashing till i get it" but you never get it because the chance is so low. Casino tactic, don't buy into it.

    Okay i'm gonna end this discussion on the fact that you think enchanting transformations through runes is even somewhat relevant compared to everything else that people need. If it's marchutan/kaisinel being enchanted then i'd say ok...and even then it's a luxury.

    I'm just gonna give up on this since i have to read each of your sentences at least twice to even attempt to understand what you're trying to say and even then it's hard to understand. Also the fact that you have ulti form explains why you have this point of view. Have fun on your adventures!

    U R sorc, am i right? So R U serious and trying tell "no"? 2114 +1 meteor wave and +164 per level for every 40s. How many dps will U deal by using Ur odian skill within 25m in Beno? around 4-5kk? Also how many dps will U deal from rune attack if U have both damage runes? 3-4kk? - just wearing good legendary form ...?

    Let me make this really simple for you. Just because you only PvE, that doesn't mean this is a PvE only game. Ultimate transform is a far better improvement for overall gameplay (meaning both PvE and PvP combined). If someone were to give me ultimate transform in exchange for me giving up my red odian skill and my dmg runes that i can't even get past +1 or +2 i'd say yes in a heartbeat. Plus, odians and runes are easy enough to farm/buy from broker, ultimate transformation is not.

    EDIT: Also just out of curiousity, what class do you play?

    I prefer to get many legendary transformations instead of one ultimate because you can try to fuse and get ultimate transformation but you can reach and complete transformation collection with fails fusion ^^

    And this is exactly what reasonable people are asking from GF, not 100% ultimate but rather a constant stream of legendaries (not 1 every 2 months) so we can try to fuse.

    Hmmm other players? But all the replies that i see from you when people suggest stuff from events is always something along the lines of "just buy from the shop" or "i buy from shop for my main and 200 alts lul so ez" so i don't understand this paradox?

    Now I'm confused. You make it sound as cubes are only for instances + open world pve and stop working in a pvp match, is that so? I'm looking for it, but it's not said in any part or I haven't read it. If you can clarify, whether the damage reduction/additional damage work or not on a pvp open world match, that would be nice.

    Man what are you on about? There's no way that you think that prigga plat cubes work for anything besides prigga etc......but then again there's no way you're talking about pdef/mdef/patt/matt plat cubes because the values are so little that they almost make no difference at all. I'm just mind boggled.

    EDIT: I just noticed that you put improved stigmas at number 9. I'm gonna have an aneurysm.

    I know that you are asking ultimate transformations and s-rank minions, but I believe that platinum damage reduction and additional damage cubes is perhaps more game changing than that. Those cubes is what I've felt the most impact in this 3 months I've been playing. Is it viable to put those in events somehow?

    Cubes are for one specific part of the game. Transformations are for pretty much all parts of the game. Which is more game changing? :/