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    Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. Atreia will never be full again. Historically playerbase is declining since launch and after first year you lose about 70-80% of launch player base. Two months from now you'll email people saying "Atreia is OPEN NOW!!!" but nobody will care about.

    Keeping Atreia locked makes people like me to not start investing precious time in a server that was made in the mist of desperation. Been there done that with Lost Ark, I'll never do it again.

    So yesterday I found out about this version of Aion. The problem is I cannot create a character on the main server but only on the secondary server which is going to be empty once the Atreia server opens charcater creation.

    When Lost Ark launched in EU/NA many players made a character on a new created region because the main one was full.

    And what happened? A handfull of people are still playing on that region while some moved to the main server and the rest left the game altogheter.

    So yes, I refuse to start a journey on a dying server. Meanwhile I'll keep paying premium to Lost Ark.

    Keeping Atreia closed makes you lose MONEY.