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    IMHO the "bug" lies in boss loot. Standard loot mechanism in Aion rewards the winning group/alliance/league only (so 192 people max).

    As in siege/altar/WB, any mob

    If a 2ppl-group "win" the boss, only them shall loot...

    providing that 192 person league has more total hits than a 3 allly league full of very fast hitters (some of which were "enhancing" their speed).

    When the 3 ally league did hit more (aka dps race) it meaant they got loot, but because there was no longer 192 loot available, it means the 192 didn't get any loot, and it went to the next highest dmg group. (This is how invasion mob loot worked)

    just wait and see.. this game in about 1 year will become like Lineage 2 the same company that made Aion :) bots everywhere , auto system (pots,skills,instance,farm,quests) there will be only 2 races physical and magic with the same skills besides 2 or 3 different on each class you pick .. welcome to mobile version 😂

    Isn't that guildwars 2? pretty much everyone the same, your weapons make you have different skills. Personally i wouldn't mind seeing lvl 80 - 100, with different weapons and a set of skills, adding subclasses, like a paladin...with a spear which glads or temps can use and become a ranged 15m class.

    Did GameForge shadow nerf gold shugo spawn in instances again?

    If I remember correctly, it has a 10% chance to spawn, however from a sample size of 156 entries only 4 shugos spawn, this is an effective spawn rate of 2.56%.

    Where are the rest of them? RNG alone does not account for this gargantuan difference.

    There is no such thing as shadow nerfing. I didn't hear of any change. Could you please contact our support? They can report it so that our tech guys check it.

    What seems to happen is that when an event is on where a daevanion skill is part of the reward list...Shugos seem to spawn less. I haven't seen a shugo spawn in hererim mine since patch 7.0 was implemented and have never seen a shugo spawn in Prom HM, (no trigger spots before 1st boss ?)

    That's the problem with RNG. There should at least be a contract on the NPC that everyone can purchase if they got enough of the duma's. Guaranteeing a legendary contract from this event but only if you choose to earn save up the mats.

    Galeas   Lercer

    Why is it possible to create a new Char on other faction. Why is this feature still activate?

    Half of Odin Elyos leveled Asmo chars just to participate on Event.

    Enabled in 7.0 when we got 13 chars, as some players still had conflict issue as they hadn't or couldn't transfer, GF enabled the creation with conflict for everyone so people could try out's never been de-activated.

    TBH the game looks like it was abandoned lol. 2 months, 2 broken events. Some time ago they were able to run a special maintenance the same day they released a bugged event... Now? What a mess xD

    i'm expecting them to get a state in the next 2 years to say there will be no more updates to the game, just the occasional turning on and off of events, a minimal support staff for the shop and game errors (which will just be a scroll compensation)

    in my experience it does not matter how large the alliance is, yet i never got any reward being solo (no group/no alliance). also use kerubiel and godstone for hit count boost.

    painter have a bit of a disadvantage on the godstone part i believe or can they socket one somehow?

    painters can use an instrument, and an old one can have a godstone.

    ignore that mistake, i was reading aidps and the king was doing about 2.2 million dmg before he died. not his health lol

    Yesterday I tried boss event for more than 30mins without getting loot a single time. I tried in ally, group and even solo. Tbh i don't know how loot works. Btw, the funny part is that from 8:00pm to 8:15 i saw something like 35+ legendary forms and a marchutan on lfg.

    Loot has only ever worked in 1 way when it is a fixed amount, highest DPS wins.

    It's how invasions worked and am guessing it's how this works too.

    so if there is a pile of 200, and the highest DPS belongs to an ally or group, then they take a chunk out of that pile, leaving the next smaller pile for the next highest DPS.

    However if it is just based on solo DPS regardless of whether you are in an alliance or not. Today I monitored the attacks on the boss, and the average player is hitting around 130-150 hits by time boss dies (he has about 2.2 million health), Some people are obviously cheating, with attack speed/noanim as the top 5 people almost double the hits of the next lot. Something is wrong if its based on hits and the 2nd DPS is a Templar.

    Is there an ETA on an announcement for when we are getting the rest of 7.2. (yes, I wanna kn ow the date we are getting told when to expect it.

    Also what are people looking forward to in the patch?

    I need 400 fragments on tech to finish my pvp set, I have 2,000 on painter, so hoping the patch is soon so I can transfer them across.

    I'm really looking forward to the new DP daevanion probably has one of the biggest buffs in this change. One of the 2 new DP skills whilst active makes every skill a 10% STUN! (sadly this is nerfed in 7.5 that you need 400dp every 4secs/300 at +15). So is shorter to maintain.

    The new pvp in prades Fort, which is 4 teams I believe of 24 people and you have to wipe them out and their resurrection. Similar to 2nd part of pangaea. Should be a scramble to get in considering it's all servers for those limited spots.

    Galeas Is there a way to disable the messages we see of people getting legendary transformations?

    I really don't care about what luck others have while I keep getting heaps of trash that I can instantly delete from my inventory.

    You can safely ignore Bonjovii btw, yes others are extremely lucky and even defy the laws of physics with their luck but not THAT lucky.

    I haven't gotten anything, in fact by participating in the event I LOST the legendary dupe i had, so I LOST by playing the event more than I had when I started the event.

    Please I wish we could block all these world notifications...

    It's depressing and demotivating, especially when You are sick of fusing 6 whites and never getting green and fusing 6 greens and never getting ancient... (I have them all at those levels, so it should be changed to give me higher level 100%).

    People have gotten 3 or 4 ultimate chests and xform contracts out of like 30 stones. And I've opened 100, and gotten stupid stars...

    Just want to add next patch (7.3 if that's what they call it) you will need to fuse your daeva books to try get the new Daeva skills as it's the only way of getting them.

    You have played at an euromillion loto game, and you are now complaining of not winning the 1st prize.

    You wasted 5k €uros, for nothing, instead of doing something usefull in real life.

    Next time, donate me on paypal, i could renew my powertools in my woodworking shop :p

    Euromillions u know how to calculate the odds, how many tickets you need to buy to guarantee a win, the % chance, and are physically able to see drawing of a selection by a machine. That's the reason why it's done in that method. Computer RNG is not actually random and is manipulated to coerce and extort them out of cash. the RNG F2P model is dieing but not quick enough, it needs to die hard and fast. People will part with more of their cash if they know what they're getting and paying for....The problem is that this then does become a massive p2w game, if there isn't a method for f2p players to get the same in the longer term.

    I think the daevanion skills on most classes need to be worked entirely, most of them are just a weaker version instead of an alternative..

    On Aethertech, the Idium daeva skills are different, so 1 is nearby and resets CD's, the other is Ranged 25m's and Aoe, and I actually change daeva skills depending on pve or pvp but some never even get used.

    Also When we had the elemental buffs, I was hoping this game was taking a direction where that if you followed 1 path, (classes specialising in a different element) you were protected against one and vulnerable to others, even weapons had wind/water/fire etc... now game just relies on enchantments and stats, and if you don't have them you suck.

    That's the thing, does EU have the population problem that korea has? will we need cross server for those areas or is Dumaha still big enough? with Inggison and Gelkmaros becoming main areas, it might be that Dumaha and Lakrum become sparsely populated.. (Lakrum already is).

    With there being so many cross areas. Will GF enable server transfer or does 7.5 finally add the option for you to group non-native server people to the group for PvP Instances i.e. Dred etc..