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    I am absolutely furious! How dare they just ban PAYING CUSTOMERS and block them from accessing the game, just like that??? Surely there must be some repercussions for them as a company for doing this!

    So what happens now??? We have sent tickets in, is this going to be resolved or did they just ban customers for life FOR NO REASON? ARE THEY GOING TO SAY ANYTHING OFFICIAL AND TELL US WHAT'S GOING ON? Why do I have to go searching through different forums and threads and socials to find out about this random banning of isps and put a ticket in for it? No official statements, no help whatsoever. Absolutely disgraceful, you should all be ashamed in this company.

    In all the years I've been playing aion there were always loads of 325 aethertap nodes in the upper abyss around forts, especially around Asteria. I don't understand why these were removed and downgraded to 250 nodes. The only area that has enough 300+ nodes is Alukina's palace but surely that is not enough to supply the amount of people that play on the asmodian side!!! Under what logic were the 300+ nodes removed from the abyss? I just don't get it.

    Any hints or tips on this one please? Where should one farm it in asmodian territory?. It's currently in broker for 5kk and I seriously doubt people can afford that!! Thanks in advance