300+ aethertapping in the abyss

  • In all the years I've been playing aion there were always loads of 325 aethertap nodes in the upper abyss around forts, especially around Asteria. I don't understand why these were removed and downgraded to 250 nodes. The only area that has enough 300+ nodes is Alukina's palace but surely that is not enough to supply the amount of people that play on the asmodian side!!! Under what logic were the 300+ nodes removed from the abyss? I just don't get it.

  • Been wondering the same. I am sick and tired of this already, I have wandered all round upper abyss and found only shining nodes?! There are 3 i think 300 nodes in Morheim and some in Beluslan Alukina, but there are always bots there getting them on cooldown and nowhere near enough nodes to get some as a normal player. You just fly around searching till your flight expires, then maybe you find a node but before you replenish some flight time another bot comes and takes it. It is absolutely ridiculous.

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    There are 300+ some around Sulphur asmo guard tower where you get Captured Comrades q but ely patrol around and harvest it. Few around FT too highest altitude 300 nodes. Think they were adjusted since gelk/inggi wil have some 400+ and magical aether will be needed - krug basin, great fissure- 2 fly ones, Trico Valley Inggi etc.. but I am not sure we will see if those were tampered with or not.