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    Those are ways of farming kinah from best to worst.

    Dc solo/duo runs-around 1kk per run from green/white item+blue balaur scales+stigmas if lucky

    Indratu balaur scale farm

    Steel rake (rush only bosses for stigmas)

    Adma/Dc sell runs

    Bruthosnin undead farm/theomobos calydons farm 500k per 1 hour if your lucky.

    Extract 50lvl blue dp gear

    Extract gold dc/dp gear

    Complete SR quests twice and extract SR gear

    Abyss reps quests(can give godstone if your lucky)

    People dont know how to play.Go watch some youtube videos and l2p.

    I have full time job 8h day.

    My character have all stigmas,ap stigmas,50k ap,7kk kinah and 4 pieces of anuhart gear and Groget +10 weapon

    On my server prices are slowly going up.Mana pots costed 350kinah each.Now they cost 400kinah each.Same with aethers and scrolls.Aether costed 400kinah each.Now they cost 800 kinah each.There are ways to easly make 2kk each day.Solo or duo Dc,adma,lab,indratu...

    Can we pls get some answers about current ingame problems?

    What are you planning to do about kinah economy?


    1.High soul sickness and skills prices

    2.Items selling for low prices at npcs

    3.Bad manastone drop rates


    Increase prices of items selling to vendor or decrease vendor prices and ss cost.That will fix all our problems.

    Maybe activate drop rate event.