Classic vs normal? Pay to win?

  • Hello.

    I consider playing this game, so I have a few questions:

    1) There are 2 versions of this game. At first glance it would make sense to play the normal version, since it has significantly more content. However I also read that most players play on classic and that the development of the normal mode has been basically discontinued, so is there something better about the classic version?

    2) Can I play the entire game free to play, do I have to pay monthly for siel aura or do I have to pay even more money to have an enjoyable experience?

    3) Is there still an active player base?
    4) There would also be the alternative to switch the publisher and play on NA servers. Does anyone know about differences between EU and NA version? E.g. I noticed that NA offers 2 hours of siel aura + higher xp + more loot for classic version - sounds like EU is significantly worse for Aion classic?

    Kind regards


  • 1) Yes the classic version is probably the best if you're trying the game for the first time.

    2) You can level without siel, but you will have a lot of limitation including for loots. Given you will probably level solo, believe me you want better gear than grey/white loots or you will get smashed by mobs.

    Siel is pretty much mandatory and as for more $ needed, if you want to be competitive yes you will have to spend a lot of money even in classic (or farm instances 8 hours a day - because inflation from RMT makes everything very expensive if you grind instead of purchasing kinah).
    If you don't care at all like I do, you should be fine and progress at your own pace, just expect to die in pvp..a lot :)

    If anything try it for the combat system during leveling, it's really the best of this game i'd say.

    3) Sure, but make sure to choose Atreia as a server, Taha is quite dead.

    4) Never played on NA I can't answer on that, but NA is more advanced in patches and has less players.