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    It isn't, im getting it. I can only play with my phone's 4g

    I use w10 but in my opinion is Internet problem, I installed classic aion on wednesday and normal play to friday with static IP address internet 300mb/s now i change location here i can use only 4g/Lte operator (Orange) router and have same problem "Cannot connect to authorization server" I will try to change Ipv4 to Ipv 6 and change DNS router with static Ip address but still have problem :( I found in google who had the same problem 13 years ago and wrote solution "Try deactivating your proxy server on ytour router, and reboot your pc, this worked for me and my friends. Please let me know if it worked for you aswell."but i cant found any proxy options i my router , but i found a temporary solution for me maybe help someone I disconnect the ethernet cabel use my mobile phone use usb cabel "tathering Usb Internet" i have 30gb limit in mobile phone and i can normal log in to serwer and play. In my opinon problem is ip adress maybe is dynamic I dont now today i will try change router to another and change sim card operator Orange to another , sorry for my english maybe it will help someone.

    I tryed to play with my phone's 4G and it worked... it is a IP problem

    Yesterday at 12:14

    "Drestam — yesterday at 12:14

    If you get a "Cannot connect to authorization server" message:

    -> This is due to the protections we added following the DDoS attacks. First, try login a few more times. If it still doesn't work after a few attempts, please contact Support."

    This has been writed on Aion discord -> Classic-Troubleshooting

    The game is currently unavailable to you. Please contact Support.

    I'm not use Proxy/VPN. But i can't login too. I feel bad when i can't login game after I'm play 1 char with lvl 23. I'm repair and intall game again and change modem WLAN today but still the same error? I just buy coin and Siel Aura and can't play game in 2 days. OMG...

    Who can help me?

    I just play 1 char and it is with lvl 15, I payed 100 Euro for? "cannot connect to the server". The support say always the same things to do and that dont work..