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    I think GameForge can't be taken seriously, people, don't be naive, 6th day now same problems and they made 3 announcements about compensations (before they said they are giving their all resources towards fixing problem AND THEN compensation will come) but here it feels like they are just laughing at all our faces while not being able to fix the problem and just keep spamming events instead. Worst company who doesn't appreciate customer's money at all and can't provide proper service. SHAME ON YOU

    There is an website (dont want to link it dont know if allowed) for reviews about GameForge. I just checked it and guess what i saw? from 372 votes almost every vote is 1 out of 5 :D

    Last 20 mins 6 disconnects from server, well, i guess time to forget about aion for some weeks/months until its fixed :D
    P. S now i can't even connect to Atreia anymore..

    As a HUGE fan of Aion Classic i have to say that this is unacceptable for me as well from GameForge, feels like with all this money they got from us, people (im guessing around 20k people atleast bought siels aura or something), which means they got more than 200k money and given the fact that it's already 4th day in a row when game is unplayable they are showing that they don't want to spend extra money on security. All of this is bullshit for sub based game and i have to say Gameforge, you reall know how to dissapoint people over and over again :) I'm uninstalling this game while writting, i also saw how much people there is in panda now and there was 4 days ago, its getting emptier and emptier and soon it will be same empty as in NA Classic :) Have a good day, bye.

    You can find out server capacity atleast 50% of population by going in game and clicking V (opens friend list) then u can use search to count all online players and on start that's gonna be capacity, cause im 100% sure we will have que's :D
    P. S it's more a joke than a serious comment :D

    if they wanted to give more accurate information they would have said something like "The drops are not gonna be the same as in NA right now, but open world mobs will have higher chances of dropping things " etc etc, but instead of that, they just simply said "it will be worth it". So its just a words game and i think we all know what to expect. It's simply not informative enough to bait people into playing and buying siels aura, simple marketing. Specially since Galeas mentioned that there are things they cannot change from KR version (drops are one of those things from what i understood). Everything i said is just pure my opinion.

    All who complain about Aion Classic, are those who can't accept they need to play from fresh start to become OP again, are those who can't accept that they will be like everyone is, because that is the true meaning of a "fresh start". If u want instant drops and other fast things, u can play Live version, no one will stop you. We all are adults (most of us) and don't have all time to play like we did 11 years ago. Some of u still cry like back then. Aion Classic will be a fresh start for everyone and it will be as hard and as frustrating like it was back then, because it will start from 1.9. See you for fast drops and boring gameplay in 7.0+ in 2040 Aion Classic.

    Did you play Aion back in 2010? Do you remember all open world pvp and rifting? Did you enjoy it? If no then i understand how you can say this, because this won't happen here with non existing drops when u farm for 5 hours and get 1 manastone in openworld

    Hello, i would also like to share my opinion on those open world drops. So, i decided to try game on NA Classic Server and drop rates are actually so shitty, that it's not even fun to play the game anymore. I got like total 4 manastones and all from dungeons while im 29 lvl already, not even mentioning any gear drop, which i didnt see at all. If that's gonna be the case in EU Classic as well, i can give my two cents that it will die in a month or two maximum. My memories holds this game as early game rifting game, but if there is no drops - noone will be farming on open world = 0 point to rift and yeah.. I guess they change the game from open world farming into going 14 times per week to dungeons and just sitting there (Fire temple 14/14 weekly). It's not fun at all. This game is not supposed to be like this.