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    Bots are a problem when the company is too lazy/selfish to hire game-masters who would have a pretty damn easy job banning then. Bots are really obvious by the way and if there is a system (don't remember) that lets you report players in-game. There shouldn't be a legitimate reason why this whole thing should be a problem.

    Sure they can make more bots... But if that forces them to swipe their credit cards and repeat the process over and over... It is damn worth it.

    Stop negative shit. Thank you GF for getting us classic. Wish it was abit earlier but nevertheless [...]

    ps. I'll pay for all your p2w stuff.

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    What you wrote is worse than negative. Players like you are the reason companies can greed out on games at the cost of quality and get away with enough money to make them satisfied. It's because of people like you who will pay for whatever is on the table.

    To see if the content satisfies me before I start paying money. Including protection from cheaters, patch, player amount, p2w presence, etc. I don't want to go in straight into a fresh start without being sure what are my plans and goals.

    No. That version is dead and should not have anything to do with the EU release, unless they want same results.

    what they need is an open beta test

    explain them why most people will be pvp rifting and how patch completely doesn't matter unless players will make others quit the game by rushing levels and ignoring the reason why everyone wanted classic

    More than I wanted real Aion classic before, I now want a confirmation that 1.x is not being considered at all and "classic" will launch as 2.0 so me and my friends can forget Aion and move on with our plans. Please.

    That's not Gameforge, NCwest did it first, so GF can learn from NCwest's mistakes and make classic better

    Yes but I want you to try tell me why you think an experienced and successful company like NCsoft would make this mistake?

    Or maybe they won't spend any money on marketing (because "classic" relaunches are not targeted at new players) and instead drive up insane P2W mechanics to milk the players who are extremely nostalgic and will do almost anything to play the game again.

    copium classic fresh from Gameforge,
    expect radar hacks no animations and ap traders, like it was in NA.
    enjoy your stay.

    and what are you doing here then? :D

    did i hit a subject you dont want people to be aware of bcs of some personal gains? ouch sry m8.

    you sound triggered, don't have anything better to do?

    the hirony when you are the one that replied to me first, much projecting....
    sounds like you dont mind if the game will be filled of hacks and ap traders like on the NA version.
    or you are just totally unaware of the existence of those things.

    Being aware of those things and being an obnoxious crybaby with twitch chat level of banter on these forums about the matter are two different things. If you expect to change anything with your behavior then you seriously need to reconsider some things.