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    I don't know... if it keeps going strong in Korea for another month or 2, GF might see the huge financial potential to rush this Classic version in EU... As many said almost no translation needed.

    They can be slow for each new patch, but for an old one with a huge potential to renew/recover a larger community, that would be a mistake. They should ride the wave and see how it goes in EU, not much risk for their dying actual community.

    New players, which never heard from AION before, will not play classic server in first sight, they will download the official client and land at the current patch version.

    Players who switched to p-servers and like it there will not play classic server for obvious reasons.

    Players who quitted AION for longer times and are finished with AION at all and will not play classic server.

    So all that is left for playing classic server are some people who shortly quitted because they don´t like the actual patch and some people who play the actual patch but don´t like it.

    Are you open to the idea that you might be wrong? You seem to speak for all those players. Did you survey thousands of them or something?

    If Classic doesn't work just move on, like you seem to be willing to do anyway.

    Not sure people understand this but, many many players haven't played Aion for years.

    Those players will never be interested in the upcoming patches, Aion just lost them.

    Those people want to play Ain Classic., not this thing alive right now where you barely recognize any skill from the start, and that's fine.

    Aion Classic is not hype, and old players (who will gladly pay 15€/months) are getting ready to come back on the same game (or almost) they quitted long ago.

    It will not be perfect, but they will enjoy again something they enjoyed in the past, that's it.