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    Those numbers are in one of the first packets sent from the server. As long as you know how to capture and decrypt packets then yes, anyone can.

    have you got the number of player actually on classic server or not?

    Like right now? technically. Sadly NC didn't like that we were posting exact numbers and now shows the values in %s just like GF.

    I think elyon was released or something so it might impact the numbers.

    Kelekelio i saw on your site,that some items can be bought with battlefield coins,but some of

    them dont exist in our current npc,will they get implemented later?

    probably. I would need more details o check because I have no idea what you are talking about.

    Example talking about legendary fragment of memory or the minionite bundle(a rank)/(b rank)? Referring to the npc that accepts Battlefield Coins(from pvp instances as reward)

    from what im seeing, that NPC should already be selling minionite unless GF requested them to be removed.

    Fragments will be available from a different event NPC


    And this is what makes me think, Aion NC would want to make as much money as they can from any game they make.

    So they should choose the publisher that brings more money and NCwest isnt it.

    Aion NC knows already from before when they said no to GF to run a classic that GF wants to run a classic server.

    If GF had the right to be the only company in EU that can run Aion why are they only discussing classic with NC as it seems Aion NC can still say nope to GF like they did in the past.

    there was no classic in the past

    Its strange why NCsoft choose to only go with a classic server to a patch before GF took over running it in the EU. When patches that came after that where also very good. Why have they put this cut off?

    That is completely wrong.
    The earliest version of the game GF has access to is 2.7.
    2.7 is also the version classic is running on. Classic is literally 2.7 with regions and instances limited to 1.2 era.
    So you have a version that for some reason GF has access to.
    From all different publishers, the client only has GF's subscription model already implemented into it.
    GF is the only publisher openly mentioning discussing classic with NC.
    so whoever "Unbeatable-KT" is, his post is baseless and kinda stupid.

    who in his right mind would set a capacity level at a point where your server breaks? it's most likely set at a point where server's processing power is at 80% or even lower considering this cap is from 10 years ago and servers got much better in the last decade.

    yes, but it shows the difference with version 1.2> GP not tradable via broker and tradable for the EU Gold Pack?

    kind of strange or :/

    If you are referring to the lack of "Trade via Brokers possible" in the classic version, it's becasue the text is based on the variable called "can_vendor" which didn't exist before 6.0.

    BTW : the gold pack that you show is not tradeble

    see description if you klick the compare with EU button

    it is tradable.
    this icon means its not sellable to an npc.

    and EU comparison compares an item from 1.2 classic server to the matching ID in 7.7 version.

    thats how an untreadable item looks like

    If you are referring to the lack of "Trade via Brokers possible" in the classic version, it's becasue the text is based on the variable called "can_vendor" which didn't exist before 6.0.

    but on the other hand, no other game genre requires constant development and support after being released like mmorpgs.
    the only companies that i can think of that didnt eventually turn to the p2w side had other games to fuel a dying project.

    you cant have a global botting system and reasonable open world drop rate when the only reason NC kept nerfing drops was bc of bots.
    and if NC's approach to aion is to turn it into a mobile game than you can not not introduce the botting system.