Aion Classic Discussion

  • Waiting for Aion mobile... :S

  • If you see the earnings reports EU/NA represent as much as a 5% or even less. Meaning that all the money that makes Aion is in Asia markets and Korea. In other hands gw2 mainly makes their money in EU/NA, thats a huge difference, since the population of gw2 is x100 times aion.

    Maybe one day we will see gw2 release in other asian markets like Japan, Korea, Taiwan..

  • NA has announced 2.0. 25th of May

    Sorry gameforge have launcher issue since 2 years +,
    professional tech staff working on it from Ncsoft, Gameforge have no clue how to link a game files to a launcher.

    Might recheck the eta in 2/3 years once Aion 2 released in mobile version and Aion Retails 10.0 is released when u can pvp while sleeping and earn ap with premium + 2.0
    if you have Veteran Rank 150.

    Gameforge + Ncsoft combined are worth 700M dollars + but cannot fix a launcher issue.

    But u might check the tread located in SPAM section where we talk about this issue.

  • Gameforge probably cant fix it alone. Ncsoft can fix it "fast", in fact they have done it in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and NA.

    The reason they are not fixing it fast for EU/RU is that they have no hurry or priority on it, and i could understand this also in a intentional way to get ppl to play Aion classic in NA instead of EU/RU..

    And NCsoft alone is worth much more than 700M dolars (not counting on GF). Too many IPs (including other subsidiaries like Arenanet, gw1/gw2). In fact Lineage is still the WoW version of Asia.

    And in fact at the end its what is gonna happen, Aion EU under gameforge will dissapear, so they have 2 options: 1) transfer those accounts to NA or 2) open up EU servers under NCsoft west control (cos ncsoft EU have literally no devs).

  • Galeas I am curious, does gameforge have the ability/allowed to fix the issue themselves if you guys want to? Or are you not allowed to touch the client etc? It's a little unclear at this point to me regarding the platform

  • how would they compile the client without the source code?

    Explain how they compiling every update they do in other region where Classic is released and for EU they dont have it

    I'm guessing you have 0 (zero) IT knowledge at this point.
    NC complies all updates to the client/server software and sends it to each publisher to be distributed through the launcher or installed on the server.

  • 40 pages guys.. And I'm reading this post since when it's born! Me, like a looot of people, are waiting Aion classic to come Europe, and imagine how many players there will be