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    I just only just tried to open 2 Clients to login to 2 accounts on one PC I knew you use to be able to do on old client but seems can only run one game is there a way to be able to do this any help with be great.

    it would not look so bad if it was not just cleric that had the issue, they seemed to have sorted the other classes stigmas out but Sage's Wisdom has not been, I was very lucky and got it while I was lvling at the start so I don't have the issue but many other cleric do and that's not fair on one class to have such issues.

    It seems It drops more on asmo side that's why there not such an issue as stated that other topic.


    I started to sell Siels energy over the gift function lately, the first customer I could send Siels right after I added him to the fl, but from the second customer it lasted till the next day until he appeared as frind to gift in the shop although 4/5 items to gift were left.

    Is that know and intended and why?

    yes it is its a joke i know but that's how it is.

    i played NA from day 1 and the drops were better then EU, yes they still were not great but at least something dropped on the other hand EU is worse then NA.

    Daeva pass you should not have to do you should still get drops but there is nothing on EU with or without. how about the lvl 20 manastones at lvl 50 i mean wtf.

    I'd wish for a fix of drop rate AT ALL, I don't even want to complain about eternal/gold items ... we don't even get crafting materials from mobs .. oh wait 1 drop after killing 200+ x) We need flux, we need balic mats.

    And no one can tell me NA has better drop rate, it's the same sh** only because it's the same drop as Korea had/has. We are EU/NA, we don't like that. The drop rate got fu**** after 2.4 and we have now a mixed version of that. Fix it.

    I cant understand how you are saying NA is not better drops then EU also NA exp is much better and other things.

    We are not Korean and the sooner GF understand this the better they cant just go with Korean patches they got to make them for the EU player base.

    i remember discussions on the board and discord vividly where players asked/begged gameforge to not make leveling and ap gain too easy to more resemble the classic experience.

    while the shitty drop rate and the npc prices are a different topic, for me the 150% ap gain on na which also included relics, dredgion and tiark was a mistake.

    there is making it hard and making it very hard, the EU is not and never will be Korean players. there are no drops there is nothing for players who work there ass for for 0 drops.

    if they are so taken by the name it should not have been a banned they should have given you a name change ticket and told you you had to change the name of the char.

    so from what you are saying it is NCsoft holding this up with yes GF you can have classic or no they cant?

    in 2010 / 2011 there was enough players, but the reason players left more so and then NCsoft changed to F2P and give GF Aion to run for EU was I believe how long it was taking to do the EU patches players were getting feed up of waiting. There was also a great deal of errors made or the lifespan of the game would have been a great deal longer, they had the PVE players and the PVP players and the PVE players did not like to get killed, so they started to change the game to try and make both pve and pvp players happy, they then made a big mistake with rifts, there were so many errors made over the time which made players leave.

    TBH Aion NA classic ended before it even started on the 1st day of release there were mess players quitting due to the candies and p2w, it was all over the internet and you could see it in game also, the next big issue was the mess bans for doing the repeat quests in SR, which NCsoft at 1st started they were banned correctly, then that changed to say they used the cheat to enter SR, and then the boxes came into it. by this time the servers were empty and players was really upset. NCsoft allowed the SR thing to carry on for so long, yet they knew about the bug due to it going on in KR. it was like NCsoft west did not know what they were doing or saying or how the game worked.

    But the servers was empty by this time and that's when I left also, the game was so pw2 and not the Aion I started to play in 2009, to me its was all about money and a rip off of the player base.

    The patches was also a big issue that made people leave they were taking so long to do any patches. not like KR was releasing them it was a mess from the start on NA