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    GF don't want to give us anything long term goal, its there choice how they want to make it.

    the % is so low it will take years just for the last few players that do play the game will get them.

    Even legendary and ancient are still low % so months and months to make enough to try to fuse.

    so ? how it is ?

    Another one. [...]. The whole time he is talking about these ancient cat contracts... There is no mention about it on the box or website.

    I don't get what's your problem guys, everything is clearly communicated, there even is official confirmation >click<


    There was a post which you closed about forum stating we were wrong everything in discord was not confirmed until it went on forum. so why is it a few days after you close that topic you do confirm things in discord once again? see above picture from @Sleepyhead and then say again on the forum you don't do this.

    I agree it is like I said before GF think of long term goals only and ways to makes things so hard for players so they can keep putting the items are are needed by players in the shop.

    Where as NCsoft even with there classic version have made things much easier, why because they know that the players want things faster and that is the way forward with online games, and they seem to address that even with the classic server they have just released.

    Where as GF don't its just long term goals, and more items in the shop.

    GF also does not hear anything the small player base that are still left are saying its just down to there choice of what we get.

    Why did so many go for elite awards to get something that was needed really badly but still comes nowhere close to what we really need one transform from elites rewards, do GF really believe that players will keep on doing 20 GP for just one leg transform?

    I don't think its right trying to put a price against items or accounts, a great deal of work has gone into players accounts.

    it seems you know a great deal about GF business model with NCsoft would you mind sharing where you get the information from? and sharing it with the player base?

    no one ever said EU and Na etc was by far the best profit nor did anyone or myself ever say Aion was the biggest game NCsoft had.

    NCsoft had to give the aion EU to run by someone else due to NCsoft west was well into the red and was going downhill fast, if they had not done something NCsoft west would have been no more.

    Aion EU now that's where the biggest mistake was made by NCsoft it took to long to do the updates why because they put to many languages each time new patch translations had to be done EU caused the most of the issues due to how long that all took so patches got longer and longer to release, which caused great issues as well with NA releasing faster and money was getting worse and worse for NCsoft west.

    Most of the changes the player base is asking for GF could do themselves, yes they would need a yes for somethings from NCsoft but not everything.

    Its GF choice to have the game this way.

    a great deal of players seem to be under the believe that GF have to pay for any change they want sorry I don't think you are correct or has that been confirmed anywhere?

    If they had to pay for changes they wanted we would have KR version full blown with no changes at all, including all events. I believe GF has a great deal more say then any of you think.

    Well the way our events are run most of the time they are worse then KR and a way lot greater RNG then KR.

    If you are saying GF has nothing to do with how things are run and has to pay for everything your are kidding yourself. (As Galeas said yesterday it was there choice to have it this way)

    If NCsoft wants to make money if changes are wanted and they did not give them changes they would lose more and more money due to you may say they don't know there business but I am telling you they do and ncsoft would not like to lose money by not making said change they know western players are not the same as KR players something GF does not want to know about.

    We know this how when Aion was released it had to be made for western players and that came from NCSoft so they are very aware of this.

    But NCsoft I am damm sure takes feedback from GF about how things are running after all NCsoft would still be getting a cut on profits from GF running this game. NCsoft still owns it, it's just not being run by them in EU and I am damm sure if they wanted NCsoft could still pull the contract from GF if they wanted to do so. No company would agree a contract without that in it when they out right own the game.

    Srsly, no one cares. Gameforge is hosting this game in europe, Gameforge is taking our money, so Gameforge is responsible for this event like they are responsible for everything happing in AION europe, so easy.

    The only people who don't care are the people who spread hate on every post like you, everybody else is still respectful and know that's mostly NC fault ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Both Ncsoft and GF have managed to divide players in 2 different and not equally treated classes . First class on top (cash shop customers) who can get everything with almost no limit and enjoy the game , while the second class ( f2p players) struggles to catch up with the rest and feels left out. As a logical consequence many players (especially veterans) feel frustrated and resentful.

    and when you have GF telling you its there choice to have the game this way it states a great deal.

    It seems that GF go more so with the KR version of the game and there is no western conversion at all being done for EU version, at least other regions are still doing some sort of western conversion to the game.

    But GF needs to remember we are not Korean so should act like they know that, but they don't as they can get more money in there pockets from keeping as a KR based game and not what it should be made for EU players.

    but the player base knows this, just this week alone I see less and less players and you noticed it, today you think there would be more players testing new version but there is not slowly slowly GF wont have a player base at all and they will wonder why.

    The game Aion they are running is for KR even our language packs are KR GF does not have the time and they show this.

    It also shows when the player base gets told its what GF choice was to have it like this. when they could have done much better for the player base. it shows they don't care about anything the players base says, its only down to GF choice nothing more nothing less.

    So why did GF not ask for the same custom changes as another regions?

    It seems GF offers as little as they can to there player base, or I am sure players would have seen a much better change, but saying that GF would have lost money if they had gone with the custom changes that other regions did.

    It just shows the player base in EU money is more important to GF than the player base that keeps the money coming in.

    There is a great deal that could improve the game but it wont be done, you can see that by the way nothing to rework things for new, returning players or even if you want to re roll, if nothing can be done within game for the basic start of the game to even things up a little what do you think they will do to make things better for players.

    There has been a great deal of confirmed things on discord and not on the forum. It is like discord is the most important and that now how you feel comfortable to reply to things.

    But as I said before a forum within a game is one of the most important parts of a game as it keeps players informed.

    Forums have been around a lot longer then discord, and a great deal of players feel more comfortable with a forum then having to sign up for discord which is 3rd party.

    yet it seems since Gf started using discord the forums have been left and many times we on the forums are hearing news from players who are on discord, it should not be like this.

    he gave you ,his response , ''its been reworked'' meanwhile other regions have it pernamently,too bad for GF that this game exists for other regions,thank god for us,cause this way they cant claim something and actually being true.

    Let me rephrase to avoid unnecessary conspiracy theories here. The initial intention was to use it for events. Since then, it has by reworked several times by NC (over the patches) and we didn't use it so far. But there is still the possibility that we will use it in the future.

    But why not use it its part of the game and really should be included, it seems there is parts of GF game that are missing so should we say this is not the real Aion?

    Chill guys, Gameforge is already working to solve this problem, there is a +25% coin promo in the shop.......

    But the most funny you have some people who defend the promo event for example you have someone who writed this for the promo shugo game :

    When you see this kind of comment it doesn't surprise me gameforge continues to put some event p2w

    Now I not saying this is fact but how do we know it was a real player who wrote that? we don't just like everything else

    "25 stigmas did not got me to +12 so the event has to be a lie"

    I used so many stones I got 2 blues to +15 which I did not use that many stones on 8 on one and 6 on the other to go from +12 to +15.

    My waste was on greens in the end I ended up with 3 +12 which one of them was already +13 before I started, and the other 2 was +12, and I also paid for someone to try and get the other X2 +9 greens to +12 I got one of them there the other is still +9.

    So I have 4 greens now +12 and 1 is +9 and I wasted so many stones.

    I heard it by many players greens are the hardest stigmas to deal with.

    I wish I only used 25 stones I use around 260 stones.