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    so from what you are saying it is NCsoft holding this up with yes GF you can have classic or no they cant?

    in 2010 / 2011 there was enough players, but the reason players left more so and then NCsoft changed to F2P and give GF Aion to run for EU was I believe how long it was taking to do the EU patches players were getting feed up of waiting. There was also a great deal of errors made or the lifespan of the game would have been a great deal longer, they had the PVE players and the PVP players and the PVE players did not like to get killed, so they started to change the game to try and make both pve and pvp players happy, they then made a big mistake with rifts, there were so many errors made over the time which made players leave.

    TBH Aion NA classic ended before it even started on the 1st day of release there were mess players quitting due to the candies and p2w, it was all over the internet and you could see it in game also, the next big issue was the mess bans for doing the repeat quests in SR, which NCsoft at 1st started they were banned correctly, then that changed to say they used the cheat to enter SR, and then the boxes came into it. by this time the servers were empty and players was really upset. NCsoft allowed the SR thing to carry on for so long, yet they knew about the bug due to it going on in KR. it was like NCsoft west did not know what they were doing or saying or how the game worked.

    But the servers was empty by this time and that's when I left also, the game was so pw2 and not the Aion I started to play in 2009, to me its was all about money and a rip off of the player base.

    The patches was also a big issue that made people leave they were taking so long to do any patches. not like KR was releasing them it was a mess from the start on NA

    I totally understand what you are saying and you are correct on so many points, if they being same model to EU Classic it will fail just as it did with NA, NCsoft understood at the release of Aion the players in the west was very diff to the players in KR that's why they tried to model the game for the west and make changes from the start.

    But with classic so far its been on model for all, which is very sad, and i fear it will be the same for EU well I am sure it will be they will not change a great deal for EU its not worth there while TBH, i think and I will say it again Aion Classic was only a stepping stone for NCsoft till Aion 2 will be released after the delay due to covid, I believe it was to keep players to wait till Aion 2 come out and in that time they could make some money fast as well.

    GF would have to ask for changes if it ever come to the EU would GF do this as it would cost money for them, and would NCsoft be willing to make the changes?

    It would seem the classic model has in fact given them money thats why they will being the daeva pass into retail in 8.4, if it did not being money for them why would they put it to retail?

    Read a bit the NA forum. They decreased drop rate so much people can't even get stigmas/manastones anymore via normal world drop. They did it under the pretext of combating bots. However they fix the problem by indroducing them via cash shop for 5 dollars. Don't know how much this is true, but damn NA forums seems quite desperate.

    I know there will be P2W stuff here aswell, but I do wonder if is from the start or later when the game progress. I always say if you want people to accept changes do it by small steps.In NA case they vent ALL IN from the start. If we do have the same as NA easily refuse to play the game. Will cherish the nostalgia feeling of the game from day one.

    Don't mind paying for the game and paying for subscription. I do mind buying candies and other "P2W" stuff. For me for now more CONS then PROS for this game.

    it was very P2W from start very sad to say it but that's the truth, NCsoft did not even seem to know the game they were running and banned a great deal of players for doing the in game thing and doing repeat quests. the players base dropped right from beginning and NCsoft did nothing except more mistakes that's when I left could not take any more, wanted to remember the real Aion for what it was back then and not what NCsoft made it into.

    What the everloving nyerk are those defence numbers? How are we supposed to do ~4x the damage in 25min? Divine Fortress didn't even open it's portal - probably because we didn't take the 2 keeps first, but how should we? No faction took more than 1 keep in it's region, some even took none at all.

    Whatever NC's staff took before they made those changes must have been good stuff. Please contact NC about this problem and ask them to revent the defensive stats to 8.2 values (or at least give us an hour of time)

    tbh it took us just over 15mins to take one fort in ingg we went to the 2nd and got to 2nd gate but could not take it down in time. could not test core and we know core would be harder to do then ingg not sure an hour would do it.

    maybe its time GF started to ask, Gf know when patches are coming, Gf are meant to know what its player base likes, so maybe asking about patches could only be a good thing and not leave your player base mad as hell with patches there are no need for.

    As i feel more players will leave with this patch as its horrible and so much of it was not needed.

    Galeas why was the instance entries changed, what was the reason be hide it? just been seeing some new or returning players come back its like new or returning players are not welcome, also for players that is still player instances give them something to do, so why was there a need for change?

    Why was lurkers removed again for no reason, other then make it harder for players to get manastones?

    It like you want to game to become harder like the game is only a few years old this game was released in 2009 in the EU, some 13 years ago, and changes being made there are no good reason for them to be changed its not like the game is being made better its being made worse. are you trying to lose the last players that are left playing?

    Hererim mine entries nerfed, Cube Laboratory entries nerfed, Senekta entries nerfed, Stella entries nerfed, Hidden Minionite entries nerfed, ToC entries nerfed, Beninerk entries nerfed, Ara entries nerfed, Beshmundir entries nerfed, Gelk/Inggi Raid changed from PvP/PvE to PvE only, 3 fortresses in Gelk/Inggi inbetween 25 minutes, Kamar Battlefield , Runatorium, Illumiel, Raging Valley, Neviwind, Ashuntal, Coop, Golden Crucible all deleted and replaced by 2 (two!) arenas instead for 1 (one!) hour at maintime, but low level crap like Fire Temple entries and Talocs entries buffed? Lmao, what a joke Gameforge.......

    We didn't change anything, the changes are from the developer's side, NC in that case. Nothing we can do about it.

    Oh wow, leave me alone with that argument, its as old as the game himself. You take (better took, stopped giving you money long ago) my money, you are my contact person not NC soft. If you make crap updates yourself or if you just accept crap updates made by NC soft makes no difference and this update is pure crap.

    There is nothing to accept or refuse, the updates are what they are and we have to take them as they are.

    GF has always been able to ask for changes from NCSoftGF GF have done it in the past when they wanted it to bring more money in.

    TBH there should be a way to get more extreme gear and its sad there not a way, if you want to get it ++++ to good lvl you need more then one part now and then.

    I use to play a game that had the same system the gear would break, but the gear dropped so you collected 5 parts or so and started to + it, I made +17 gear on that game because you could get the gear to + yes a great deal did break but time doing it was rewarding not like Aion when you cant get the gear to make a good set to even start.

    I would like to talk about the '[event] instance Greenhaven Garden' - overall this instance is fresh and some kind of interesting but - is horrible long!... in my opinion it should last max 20 min.

    dont get me wrong, the rewards are nice (skins), but... 60 min? for skin? thats crayziness... if there were a weapon chest I would understand this ...[60min long] but really? for some skins?

    TBH i done it once and wont do it again.