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    • Weekly quests: Chests Lost in the River
      • Oriel, Poeta, Heiron and Inggison (Elyos)
      • Pern, Ishalgen, Beluslan and Gelkmaros (Asmodians)
    • Daily quests: Defeat Flaming Smelly Clodworms and other dark henchmen in Atreia and the following instances:
      • Monday: Prometun’s Workshop (normal)
      • Tuesday: Beninerk’s Manor (easy)
      • Wednesday: Stella Development Laboratory (easy)
      • Thursday: Esoterrace
      • Friday: Lower Udas Temple
      • Saturday: Ashunatal Dredgion
      • Sunday: Runatorium

    Yes there is alot wrong the HQ. HQ are broken since 5.4 and since then we wait they to fix them and give us them back . And that was high priority task...And they strill can not fix them. They do something for events with the hope this time they wont be bugged but yeah they are and of course they fix and adjust them. Galeas Saturday was prome normal, today is sunday and it is beni easy...

    Add and the ridiculous rewards. You need do 20 quests, break your keyboard and nerves and this is not enough. Next week you need do even more for the legendary transformation ...

    For last 3 years i do not remember event which did not need adjustment, fixing and so on. Only the event with stormwing egg was OK. Everything else is broken and not working. So according you you give us high quality entertainment. And if this is high quality I do not want to think what is medium quality.

    I think it is time to wake up and start do things like for yestarday because people are pissed. A new player can not survive this game and will not play more then a week. A new player will not give a cent for the unuseful trash in veteran rewards. We wait over 2 years for Platinerk and if you can not provide 2 years Platinerk then just give us something useful in this events, in veteran rewards (just edit them with useful items). People are stopping to play, new one are not coming ... 400 pages negative feedback and nothing is changing, this is disappointing.

    11 anniversary of the game and we got again nothing. Why am I surprised? I have to stop do it.

    Hero trial ... amazing idea, great quests, great rewards!!! Can you fell the sarcasm and irony? right now at Sillus few kids are screwing whole elyos fraction. I am really hapyp to wait hours and hours to kill 15 mobs. Really there is not another pleasure bigger then this. O yes I also love when GF are telling me when and what I have to do in the game. This is amazing. They schedule my time. They are telling me and what I have to do. So cool and amazing. I just play the game for this.

    Sadly I think nothing will change. If you want something there is the shop. To compare with p2w impossible. I understand you have to make money but the prices in the shop and the p2w is just ridiculous. You need invest thousands in order to get something ... I need few more work places to be able to afford something little.


    Why the survey is not active? When will we get the pet? Will we be able to to the max stormwing pet level without to use the cash shop? Will the event be extended?

    We need +12 perma save spot. It is enough hard to do stigmas to +9. Events are not enough to wait them 1 year till you try your chance praying the rng be on your side.

    Make +12 save spot with 7.5 for our stigmas. Let us try get stigmas to +15. and in case we have +12 and fail keep the +12 stigmas.

    We need not only often stigma enchanting event where the chance is to make your stigmas +15 is higher but also we need +12 as save spot.

    One of my stigmas +9 took over 140 stones to became +12. It was fail for +10. With this stones the stigma became 2-3 times +10. Then I had to save more stones to make it +12. Everything in this game is RNG so please make +12 save spot. This is was we also need.

    I can not do stella normal mode too. I do not have pve set. Also there you need be skilled with the last boss and all the mechanic with gluding and so on. If i fail a group 1, 2, 3 times they will quit and no one will accept the in the group again. Fail another group same result. So getting fragment is not possible.

    Since Gameforge said they want make the ancient transformations more available and restricting then only to stella normal and giving 1 ancient transformation per 6 weeks (in case you can make it) i do not think this is making the ancient transformations more available. It is opposite. I do not understand this. You want make it more accessible to the players but in same time you make it impossible for getting. What exactly they want to do? Make it more available or impossible for getting?

    In order we get the so desired ultimate transformation we need indeed fuse legendaries. To get legendaries you need fuse ancients. Is the ultimate transformation long term goal for 15.0? It seems so.

    I hope Galeas will reconsider and talk to the team and explain them why they must return the fdragments back in nara and minionite instance.


    Till today we had ancient fragment of memory for ancient transformation contacts in narakali and the instance for minionites (hiden minionite warehouse). This 2 instances can be done by anyone regarding the set he or she has. Instances done by all players. From today we do not have this fragments in this instances. We have only the fragments in stella normal mode. Not everyone can do stella normal mode. There you need dps, pve set, good group and way too many skills regarding last boss like gluding at the right place and so on.

    Your idea for all of this was to make items more available for all of us. Removing the fragments in nakarali and hidden minionite warehouse and replacing them with the new fragments in stella normal is opposite on making the ancient transformation contacts more available.

    Can you please let us know is this intended or no?

    I also have problems with the bunnies count. Every time at least for 2 quests. I do however have scrolls and I am able to reset even Prometun diff. But many others do not have the scrolls. At wednesday in prome diff I crashed in first run on last bunny. The group did not wait 4 min and they killed it. Now what? A friend of me do prome diff and only he get 30/30 from both runs. After 4 h the rest of the group still have less then 30 bunnies. Now what? Yes the rewards are better then the last 2 times but still crap. 1 ancient transformation, 2 minions which need evolution (when you can farm a level 4 A class from mobs). O yes I forgot we get so many A minionites that we even do not have space to keep them. So wont be a problem to evolve them. (I hope you fell the sarcasm). 1 legendary transformation for breaking your nerves with a buggy system, no counting, even resetting the event, :scensored:. O yes in the end you even may not getting it after all. What else we got let me think few dev skill chests and amazing enchanting system so in the end you may get your skill level decreased not increased. ( I always enchant same skill with same skill and my skills even fail for +4).

    What was the problem when your system is buggy just to add 2-3 quests so in total they to be 62-63? Ok, you do not want to do this, because you want the quest be 60. Even in this case have solution if you know what you do and the solution is set less then 30 bunnies. Set 20-25 bunnies. We do 2 runs and we are sure we get them, even if we missed 1-2.

    I do not remember event which was not bugged or needed adjustment. Why? You plan them perfectly, you test them and they work perfectly but sadden on life servers they do not work as intended. Why do you try insult our intelligence? We do play the game, you do not. We know the game, you do not. Why you do not listen us? Why you do not think for more possible issues with something? We are not spoiled children who do not know what they want.

    Ok, the system is bugged, it does not work as intended. For some people it works, for other it does not. As I said already you want exactly 60 quests, no bonus quests we need do all you want. All instances all runs per the week. Here comes thinking for possible issues:

    1. bugs - not counting. possible bug. Do not tell me I need record 40h video and send it to you. Please this is ridiculous and it is not a good way to escape the problem. The system is bugged - it works for some people, for others it does not. You will never fix it. People who have not issues are happy and do not care, people with issues are unhappy. Why I said you will not fix it? Your priority was fixing hero trials and proving better hero trials for us before few patches. We did not get them. But it was your priority. The way you provide us with enchanting stones. What did you give us in them till they was active? Ancient stones and 1-2 legendary per week for our ultiamate sets. You said even we need ultimate and legendary stones for our ultimate sets but still you provided only ancient for very short time....

    Easy solution: total 30 bunnies for 2 runs. Put 20-25 as quest target. So there is room for missing a bunny. Give a room from 5-10 rabbits.

    2. instances where you can not make a mistake. You can not afford even bug from the system. What now?

    Easy solution: 1st: total 30 bunnies for 2 runs. Put 20-25 as quest target. So there is room for missing a bunny. Give a room from 5-10 rabbits.

    2nd: give people reset scrolls - for kinah, for luna, for aion coins.

    That should be your main concerns - bugs and places where we can not afford a mistake or suffer a bug and i gave you simple and elegant solution. Solution which will be appreciated by all.

    When will you start learn from your mistakes?


    - Zapiel

    I am sorry but saying that the quests are separated in 2 parts and we had 13 for each part then 13+13 = 26 and 3*26=78 i think. My education may not be math related but i think i can calculate simple thing.

    Now I understand why the event had to be restarted. It was too good to be true and someone actually did his/her job with the rewards and the amount of quests. But that is a big no no in Gameforge and that is why we had to be screwed again. We had room with some quests but now we have to tear apart our butts in instances and all over the map hunting and killing rabbits. It was too good to have stigma +9 in the rewards and legendary transformation. 60 quests for this when you had 78 is a big no no. 3 weeks we need kill rabbits everywhere...

    Gameforge thoughts - How we will spoil them so badly with so big room for doing this hero trials? No no they must not get the rewards. So how to fix our mistake? If we cut rewards we get storm on board. Not that we really care about. They will complain we will say sorry. Usually sorry fixes everything. They will forget in few days and everything goes normal. But hey it is Eastern. Lets give them something if possible not what we showed them by mistake. We will use the display issue to reduce the quests number and do everything possible they not be able to do all quests. We gave too good rewards, no no. We need fix this. What else could be working here? A yes yes we say it is a bug and we use also bug excuse. They are used with sorry and bug excuses.

    Yestarday I did it on elyos and I had 15 rabbits per run. Today I did it on asmo and had 30 rabbits.

    And I noted the difference. That is why i open the thread.

    It seems that from today the rabbits are 30 per run.

    Anyway people who did it yestarday are a little screwed then people who did it today.

    That is not right again.


    Nightmare can be done 3 times per week. As elyos I killed 15 rabbits per run. Because in nightmare has only 15 rabbits per run. But asmos have 30 rabbits per run. This is unfair advantage. Elyos must reset the instance in case there is quest this Saturday but asmos no.