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    There's a lack of content as soon as people start playing any patch. Pve is unrewarding and pvp is either a gankfest or a stats battle.

    Pretty sure most will run dual clients with botting on main, current server, and "pvp" with twinks as I'm pretty sure everyone will get 80/80 GPs for the initial advantage.

    This will drive less tryhard new players to quit and it will gradually turn into the p2w casino of 7.x patches.

    All the whales from current servers will continue on that "classic" as I'm sure GF, staying true to their profile, will try to milk it as much as possible.

    100% manastone socketing, enchant stones, etc. I'm fairly certain it will not be 2.0 or 1.9 as that's difficult to monetize without significant changes to the shop.

    Nostalgia is already being catered by private servers [...]. They will continue doing so using all possible exploits and means at their disposal. Incoming botfest.

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    In today's promo : "[Rune] Ultimate Blinding Starlight Ring Selection Box"...

    Say what? Really? I mean, the selectable rng box ultis, I understand, but now, end game gear in shop? Really?

    I might've missed that, but if those are the results, it's just sad tbh, proving once more the EU community is "special".

    I'm with you Black but do bear in mind the "classic" on official will come with all those things attached to 7.x (events, grind, shop).

    It will quickly turn into a cash cow and no pserver player will come. At best it will be the same tryhards from live patch with maxed out twinks ensuring others will not log in.

    If the current live servers can't hold on to their peeps whether they are endgame, mid or starters, what makes you think a classic server will be any different? Outside of that nostalgia login, in 2 to 3 months it will become barren and yes, a waste of resources.

    "Ultimate Transformations:

    We are still evaluating if we will add that a transformation can’t be downgraded when fusing legendary ones or not and will inform you when a decision is made."

    While you guys are still mulling this decision, most of us have stopped logging in. Everyone is sick and tired of rng, micro transactions, more RNG, fuse rng and depending on events to achieve anything.

    " Stigma enchantment:

    The stigma event happens now once a month.

    Please keep in mind that rates are subject to change from one event to another. Rates will always be announced for each event (in the maintenance informati on)."

    Why add that lawyer loophole with regards to the rates? Is it really necessary? Can we have a word on enchant rates from 1-9? Ya'll had a great opportunity to increase availability of basic items (+9s) and yet the hellish rates were kept, making it easier to go improved rather than 9. Do we not want new players and returnees/rerolls to have a chance?


    S Rank minions:

    We are evaluating the possibility of having an event for it. In which case the auto-hunting would be disabled for the event duration."

    Permanently disable botting and add those S minions on a perma drop basis, no more events, for the love of...



    There is no plan to deactivate it permanently on our side. Nonetheless, we will be flexible and deactivate it temporarily for certain events."

    This decision was based on? Intensive conversations with the trolls on discord? How about running an in-game pole, with the results posted?

    " Elite levels:

    Currently planned for end of October. There should also be one round in December"

    Great, everyone already started hoarding GPS... Why is this feature in the game? Seriously, what's the point? Everyone has 2-10k days of active GP. Makes no sense, as the benefits are close to 0.

    "Veteran rewards:

    We are working on updating it. We can’t give you a date yet unfortunately."

    I left in 3.x, came back in 4.x,quit before 5.0 and came back with 7.0. We still have the same rewards as in NCWest times...


    The first iterations were not meeting our expectations, therefore, we are working on another concept. We cannot share any details yet."

    No idea what this is and why it's worth mentioning, particularly since there wasn't any info regarding it. Seems a bit out of topic, if you ask me.

    " Classic server:

    We are still discussing with NCSOFT the possibility of having it in the future."

    There's a ton of pirated sites/game versions that I despise that have long catered to that particular segment of the player base. Seems like wasted resources and even less people on official servers if you add it.


    I would ask others to keep it clean and discuss further.


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    NA had the contract keys in shop for the HT legendaries (plural, including 1 selectable hanbook).

    They also have a perma increase in stigma enchant rates, etc.

    Seems like the EU keeps wanting afk numbers and event dependant game play...

    Can we play Aion and not some micro games added with each stupid event? All in the hope of getting a random box containing slot stones and ultis?

    Oh wait, there's nothing to do in game without events as most are botting (really great decisions with that) with full improved and ultis preparing for the next patch that will again completely reshuffle things.

    Shattered Abyssal Splinter? Any clue why we don't have that? How about rank 2-4 minions in shugo slots? Why not just copy what NA is doing?

    Raging Prigga? Nah, you're stuck at dragons. New players? They can eagerly anticipate some handout in the next 12-24 months, as through game play there's no means to achieve much.

    Oh one more thing... That stigma event with horrible rates under 9. I thought the whole idea was to bring new players, returnees, unlucky sob's up to speed. Waste more stones under 9 than to make 2 stigmas improved. That's just crazy.

    Considering the fact that a lot of peeps are botting on multiple accounts I'd take any such statistic with a pinch of salt.

    Meanwhile, NA released a nice message on why they decided to skip the bot feature... Too bad EU choose the "let's kill off any fun" way.

    Still, I guess it's better than afk'ing at the broker.

    Log in, have some fun and check for yourself. If you're a tryhard needing everything in advance to go pvp or pve, it's not worth it.

    If you want to casually log in for old times' sake, go for it.

    The pace is slow, like it always was, it's just, now, there are so many systems in place, that playing catch-up seems to last forever.

    There's too much to do and yet, somehow, too little :p

    Good luck

    Flip camps, get those shards w/e they're called, gather x amount each type, combine to get a key. Look up on YouTube exact location of the chests (someone made a nice video of it) and camp spawn location of the chest based on the key you have, using the aforementioned locations.

    Barring all that, get lakrum/dragoon and stop wasting your time, at least until you get merciless.

    Good luck

    Is there some sort of prized event for the gaming world awarding most hours online? It does seem like Aion is encouraging botting rather than actual game play.

    The dependency on events is becoming more and more irritating.

    feedback from 1 trilo run u get 1 average of 75-100 coins

    Can anyone confirm if the stigma enchant stones from this trilo event is actually 7 days?

    I would rather have 17 - 18 stones for the end of the month than the rng legendary (I'm cursed with Bollvig anyway).

    Nvm: I can confirm it's 7 days... Why wouldn't it be? God forbid players have some extra help at the end of the month...

    The sad part is, the community feedback thread does tackle some good points.

    1. Stigma events and safe spot at 6. Great, that might make thos of us, less whales, actually spend some money. A bit late but welcomed nonetheless.

    2. S minion added in open world drops. Not sure how viable that is considering the botting. Adding it as a boss drop in prome/maka nm might make a bit more sense.

    3. Transformation contracts - I really don't get it. Why on earth does GF consider this to be something to cling on? Are those rng boxes really that influencial on the monthly balance sheet? Flood the market with them, the content requires newcomers and returnees to have a decent xform. They soon realize it's taking too long and they quit.

    4. While I've never been a "skinner" I got peeps crying and wanting to spend money on skins that are already in the game code. Why not fill up 3 pages of the shop with them? Wings, gear, mounts, helmets, hair, motion, etc. It will not be only a 1 time purchase as people will also sell them.

    5. Veteran rewards - finally someone realized that should be the currency. A meager 20% xp and AP won't drastically change it, but add to it double instance entries and make the % 40 and it will shoot up.

    6. Elite rewards - ya'll can go ahead and scrap these and adjust the vet rewards with lege contracts, 3 every 6 months. If you just remove the useless Plat medals and whatever remnants of 3.0 are there, there's no need for Platinerk or other crap.