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    very nice event...(not), 6 runs and there were always at least 1 afk.
    i won 6 bags (60 coins,) unlucky
    on other char i lost 3bags (60 coins).

    tell me a point to do it( run) if i can be afk and still get some coins for nothing?

    If im not mistaken u dont get any coins if u afk since u need to trade the Ring at the end of the race for the coins bundle 😅


    kann man das 30% exp event am wochende nicht erhöhen auf 50% oder mehr oder öfter oder wird das nun jedes wochenede sein? gibts da infos?

    gibt ja einige spieler die erst wieder aktiv spielen und gerne mehr von den exp abzeichen farmen würden, da wäre sowas doch super. und ich glaub jeder würde sich über mehr exp freuen <3 :)

    Wenn die preise etwas fallen in den nächsten wochen kannst dir exp runen besorgen 😄 die geben 20% mehr exp

    Please bring back daevanion-essences. ty

    They are in game at the moment, you get 3 (if im not mistaken for reaching lvl 8 with stormwing) and u can buy some from fame npc, im not sure though if its dumaha, red kata or silentera 😅

    unfortunatly op drops also dont guarantee a s minion 😆 i farmed for 2 weeks 2 hours per day and only got 1 A minion, so not even the chance to try a fuse for S 😅


    But there were many items before that had the same message and didnt get deleted, after all they are the rewards we achieved, it would be stupid to delete the rewards from an event in my opinion, Galeas can you 100% confirm it? Should I write a ticket to Support to ask them?

    Flavi i might be wrong but i think that only These Boxes will get deleted and not the items they contain 😅


    Kinah Boost on Dungeon Monsters. All monsters in Esoterace and Lower Temple of Udas will now drop additional Kinah (30000 per monster).

    Galeas dont get me wrong, i think its a good move to somehow recompensate the lost kinah from items sold at npcs last week but this is just another twink Fiesta 😅 players will spamm this instances solo with 12 twinks if not more since they are easy soloable 😅

    you can do the pvp quest in the sanctum arena, you can do this in a group and it counts for everyone. It takes minutes to do with just two of you.

    i wished i had known omg

    This option should be removed for sure.

    this is the only way how returning/New ungeared players wich have the most need on these event items can do the quest and u wanna remove it 🤑

    PvP-task to be made in a killblow-trade?
    This shouldn't be available for anybody.
    Also this isn't the only option: go (normalized) battlefields, group up for lakrum/dumaha/katalam

    I get what u mean and i have the same opinion as you on this topic, unfotunately the reallity is different 😅

    Battlefield: are just an afk Fiesta, most players they just join and afk without even trying, and lets be real, no one takes a newbie into a premade Group 😝 unless its illumiel, but here u have the same Problem, gsme is mostly decided after 3 minutes when firt team gets kunax kill

    Lakrum, dumaha...: of couse u can Group up but u know exactly that geared people also group up, i almoust neuer see anyone solo, atleast two people groups and two geared people can easy wie out a 6man ungeard Group 🤔


    Bugs, Bugs, Bugs......... klar, bei einem neuen Update wird es immer Bugs geben, aber ich frage mich, wozu man extra einen EAS-Server einrichtet, um Updates auf Bugs zu testen, wenn das Update auf dem Live-Server dann voller Bugs ist....... bzw. drängt sich der Eindruck auf, dass es beim EAS-server gar nicht darum ging, Updates für den Live-Server zu testen, sondern lediglich darum, noch mehr Euronen aus der Kundschaft zu leiern......

    Ich meine in irgend ein Deavas Taverne hat galeas das sogar gesagt das eas nicht als testserver gedacht ist 😅

    Nooooo😭had so much fun discussing with you, well than happy hatching 😊🥰

    🤣🤣follow the thread please 🤣🤣 pewdiepie is one of those wich reported the Bug and was asking for a compensation, i doub that he got the egg prior, he prob reffered on some other post with his


    We ALWAYS have other rewards than NA. Now there us a person who says he/she got a legendary contract on lvl3. You still don't believe it.

    Zenuri who said that, he/she got legy?


    Ok are you able to get to lvl8 only doing lugbug quests? Or afking is a must?

    twardy what do u mean with "afk" in our neaws its written that we get upgrade stones or egg from the 17th trough daily login, i think NA had the Version with all 2h logged in u get some 😅

    yes i am 😆

    2nd, u sure ?😶 cant check atm but i did the quests every day and im preety sure i dont have enough to reach lvl 3 (i think u need 80 or so for that) but i rlly might be wrong here since i only overflew the stones needed to lvl up, my bad than here sorry 😅

    And as i said, im 99% they changed the rewards, cant think of something else that would have caused a malfunction if they would have just copy paste the NA egg 🤨

    And why u should not expect a compensation..1st u wont get disappointed if there wont be any...2nd its and event, something u get for free 😆 i mean would u expect a compensation if u get something for free from a store and it doesent work properly in the first week? 🤔atleast thats how i see this, as a free gift

    And again as mentioned allrdy, i dont think the low lvl rewards are worth aniway 😅

    But hey if u rlly need those hp/mana pots and buff food that badly ceep asking for a compensation 🤭

    Edit: about the rewards list, from my point of view they dont want to share it because they know people will get upset and Flame, u cant tell me its that hard nowadays to get that simple confirmation if the rewards would be the same as NA had 🤣🤣or do u think Galeas has to send a dove over to korea to get a simple yes or no ? 🕊🤣😂🤣

    BTW can we got atleast once an event, what is not bugged? PLS.

    And what will be the compensation for players, who dont get the egg at the first weak?

    Compensation?😒🙄 people nowadays rlly want Compensation for everything 🤣😂 i find this ridiculous, and btw. do u even have any proof that players got egg in the first week or did u just heard it from XY who heard it from his brother that got it from his cousin...i mean even if, they could have Max reach lvl 2 with it and i doub u get anything good out of it on those low lvls tbh 🙃 they prob changed the rewards in comperation with NA aniway otherwise i dont know how a Bug could happen 😁 so dont hope for the good stuff NA got with this event, like legendary transfo on lvl 3 😉

    PS. Du kannst unter Charakter info ( durch drücken der Taste C)

    C ist standardmäßig der Interaktion/Angriff Button. Nicht jeder hat deine keybinds.

    Stimmt sorry 😱 meinte eigentlich P 😅(falls das nun auch net Standart ist dann vergiss es, drücke das schon so instinktiv das ich mir jetzt unsicher bin wo ich nicht am PC sitz ) 😅🤣😂