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    Hello players and GF Team It's sad to write this, but necessary .

    Everyone waited classic sooo long and its soooo sad to see it after few months almost empty.

    This situation is typical for GameFroge .

    For example DPS metter , how u can tolerate this? Its not part of the game.

    DPS metter is the best way how to dicscriminate players.

    Next thing , big racism on server, how is possible the players can kick others from instances only cuz of their nationality?

    About bots...its waste of time to say anything :D

    U should to think about yourself


    It's been two weeks since the promised compensation and still nothing .
    How will you proceed next? Or did you just lie to people like Galeas always did?
    I personally wanst able to log in game for almost 16 days since the launch(not periodically) , and the error was definitely on the GF side!
    I'm sure I'm not the only one, how do you want to compensate us for this?
    Thanks u

    Seems like it can be either related to the internet or the account. I can't access either since Thursday/Friday anymore. Support just sends some generic reply asking you to wait, stating they can't do anything after the CM took back his words (he previously stated that support might be able to help as the filters might be removing people in the learning process). It's on their side anyway. Retail shows the same issues (or rather a blank screen without the classic message mentioning the authorization server).

    It seems that more people have access again since yesterday, but no. Not a chance.

    Same problem . Alrdy is 5 days what i cant to log in
    How it looks like 5 days after TICKET TO SUPPORT

    Even retail's login is nyerked. Like who tf ddoses RETAIL???

    Who the fk should DDoS?*

    I edited it for you. AND if it's really a DDoS attack.

    It is probably the russians of EuroAion. This private server is in existential crisis since launch of classic. They try to make look GF instable and incompetent, so they come back to EuroAion

    For your Info, EuroAion is also under ddos Attack

    After last DDos Attack, i got DC from server and i cant to log back :!::!::!:anymore . :!::!::!:
    Its starting to be annoying , cuz before i had 5x days Autohorization problem .

    Now this...

    I send ticket to Support, with screen of my IP.
    Waiting for answer and fix.
    I someone have the same problem , as me let me know ( abozut some fix , or just wait till GF support wake up ? )

    Thanks u Guys ,

    Hello Guys and Dear GF

    I dont know , but now ist almost 1 week after * Authorization problem*

    Lot of ppl still cant log into the game including me .
    I wrote tickets , first at all i got * copy-paste* salution ( hahaha )
    Than , they told me * we fixed your problem , u can log back . But now for me is 5 days and I cant still log in .
    So what will be next? What GF will do ?
    I paid for Aura etc... So I waste my money, it will be also some kind of compensation ?
    Or I must to call my provider and tell them , that somewhere in Germany was * our* IP blocked for no reason . I swear I dont know , what to do with It.

    I use w10 but in my opinion is Internet problem, I installed classic aion on wednesday and normal play to friday with static IP address internet 300mb/s now i change location here i can use only 4g/Lte operator (Orange) router and have same problem "Cannot connect to authorization server" I will try to change Ipv4 to Ipv 6 and change DNS router with static Ip address but still have problem :( I found in google who had the same problem 13 years ago and wrote solution "Try deactivating your proxy server on ytour router, and reboot your pc, this worked for me and my friends. Please let me know if it worked for you aswell."but i cant found any proxy options i my router , but i found a temporary solution for me maybe help someone I disconnect the ethernet cabel use my mobile phone use usb cabel "tathering Usb Internet" i have 30gb limit in mobile phone and i can normal log in to serwer and play. In my opinon problem is ip adress maybe is dynamic I dont now today i will try change router to another and change sim card operator Orange to another , sorry for my english maybe it will help someone.

    I tryed to play with my phone's 4G and it worked... it is a IP problem

    Hello Misochi,

    Thank you for your patience.

    Our team applied a fix and you should now be able to login again; if that's not the case however or if you need anything else, please let us know.

    after 3x days and i still cant to log in xD



    Aion is worth your time if you just wanna run around and level until you reach max level.

    Aion is not worth your time if you plan on getting invested in the endgame. Aion does not have a lot of catch up mechanics. So veteran players would stay ahead of you for several years.

    The remaining player population is estimated at about 2k players at peak.

    2k players? :D D: Its a joke right? :D there max 800ppl on all 4x servers together , even less---

    Yes Thorne and Liberty coming this winter for global . '
    If u guys saw some stream or news about it from KR media, they was talking like :
    They spend almost all money for this game, and they must shut dowm their low profit game .
    if you can read between the lines that u can be sure they talking about Aion live in KR.
    Cuz ppl play only classic in KR , and this is sadly true.
    So when Galeas said on stream they have contract for more 5 years , we can be sure its not a true at all

    It´ll be back with the next Patch.

    What next patch? :D No more patch doesnt exist .....
    Look at all NC projects for this year :) B&S 2 , Thorne of Liberty and few more amazing games. Aion is the last thing what they care about lol
    Even L1 or Guild Wars has more players than Aion .
    NA has only one server same as KR now .
    GameForge keeping servers online cuz of few crazy ppl who spending thousands euros to them for basic things. But u can be sure this is last few months of this game .
    So stop talking about this and just look for another MMORPG :)))