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    Aion Lore part 5 is here! There is also a playlist if you want to catch up on all the lore. Part 5 is based on 5.0: Echoes of Eternity and ends on 5.8.

    Next part will start with aion 6.0: Awakened Legacy!

    Same, got only a pve leg stone. Not both like it said on the box.

    False advertisement like usual.

    A translation error is an error there is no false advertisement of any sort involved if it's a mistake.

    Ok, here is another one: The stigma bag you can buy with the battle coins also says you get a stigma and a stigma enchantment stone. If you open the bag, it's a rng bag, where you can choose to take your winnings or roll again. Can u correctly translate this too in order to avoid confusion? Because all these 'translation errors' are making it very hard to decide what is in boxes and bags...

    The event is working, it is missing an item, which will be added.

    Its the core-item that's missing so please don't dismiss this like it is a minor bug. It's disrupting the entire event and so no, the event isn't working for many players as almost no one couldn't even start yet and thus it shouldn't even be live.

    You only needed to add it to the shop which you announced would happen... Only you failed to tell us when. Even now we don't get a decent announcement when we'll get the egg.

    But it was possible to update the cash shop for 25% discount on Aioncoins during the weekend AND to add the +15 gear and acc package. I really don't see how you couldn't insert a pet egg in there too?

    With the new campaign quest when you get teleported and need to use Hide, I get no skills. The only thing I can do in here is talk with the doll to teleport back. Am I missing something here or is it a bug?

    Also my loading screens are now in German instead of English...

    did the campaign yesterday and I got my skills, did you not get skills even if you leave/enter again?

    Hey, no I tried multiple times.

    I did manage to finish the campaign:

    The only way I got the skills was by playing the game through the regular client instead of playing through steam. That seemed to have solved the problem.

    Hi everyone,

    I've started a Youtube channel aimed for completely new players or players who haven't played in a very long time. The channel is still a baby (as is my cleric :D), but I try to upload often with relevant tutorials. If you have any questions or would like to see a certain topic covered, please let me know ^^

    Right now what is on schedule (so what is coming in the near future) is guides for Makarna, Dredge, Kamar Battlefield and Prometun easy mode.

    You can find the channel on the link below:

    Thank you for your time~