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    different dummies have different defence, be sure you're testing your dps on the same dummy used by the ones you are comparing with.

    If you already are doing it, than, maybe, it's because you are missing the buffs from any party members (buffs that would have pump your dps up in instances).

    Try to test yourself with a whole party attacking the same dummy ;)

    with 7.5 I found an overall decrease in SW request for beginners instances (makarna & prom norm). I believe many geared players are soloing/duoing with other geared players. There's not much to do for a casual/new player.

    I would add this and the fact that it's summer to your list of frustrations ;)

    Galeas please consider putting more Insignias of Experiance and/or Lodas Greater Gold Stars into rewards of upcoming Events, or maybe put them in the new gf feature npc. Coming from someone who already farmed 1,5k+ Insignias without any cashshop amuletts and/or major stock of gold stars. They are just too valuable atm.

    They already did: you can farm them with the ongoing events. Cap'n grogget and 30% exp buff result in 1 insigna every 10 minutes. isn't it enought?

    It's clear you want a s-rank minion and you want it now, and because you can't have it you're begging for attentions. For your goal you're flooding the forum; it's ok, just don't be so rude. Forums are for discussions, let the :scensored: the possibility to share their thoughts, as you did.

    on topic:

    I agree with you, there should be a way for the ones who did't invest 8hours per day, farming lv76 mobs in lakrum, to get a s-rank minion, because having it is a big (not huge, tho') advantage on others.

    From my point of view (I cannot, nor do I want to, thinking of aion as a job) open world drop sucks. I'd rather prefer to have more minionites and a-rank minions from hidden minionite wh, as permanent feature, than OW-drop or a random s-rank box during an event, e.g..

    - Zapiel

    akame, Aion development was based on one rule: "the more you play, the more you are".

    Grinding & farming was what you needed to overpower other players (abyss rank, gear enchantments, crafting...). With GF and the arrival of Free to Play model things got messed up and the rule above changed to "the more you pay, the more you are".

    So, use this as not more than a reminder (since the forum is full of this concept), if you want to turn in a wolf use GF-shop and/or invest time and money on GF multi account feature; otherwise, there's no way to rise from the sheep status every base player is.

    In my opinion, having end game items on events would mess the things up a little more. An event, right after a new patch, should be designed to allow casuals and alts to fill the gap from the previous patch, and not to rise it some more. Wolfs will still be wolfs and sheep will still be sheep, just a little stronger, for the enjoy of every player.

    PS (edit): I just noticed you, akame, told about elite levels that has nothing to share with events. Nvm, just ignore me.

    SweetyBG the way the system works on is not a pure RNG.

    In the past people were used to create a fresh character when they were ready to enchant their main gear and delete this new character once his luck got consumed. Also, it was a common belief that jumping around moving on the whole map while enchanting was more fruitful.

    Probably if you failed 100 in a row there was another player who was enchanting at the same time and got 100 procs. True or False it's not meant for us to know.

    The only powerful tip I can give to you is: the next time don't waste your stones and stop when you see you are in a non-lucky time. Try it again after some hour.

    Good Luck.

    As you said, it happens when you reach the very bottom of the map: the system doesn't register your last save and resets your progress.

    It's a known bug from previous versions. To avoid it try to die hitting a wall (yeah, Cpt.Obvious).

    Enjoy :)

    I feel you. I had quite the same thought some month ago and reading your post I found it summerize in what you wrote here:

    8. Events should feel special. Bringing too many events all the time, takes the "fun" out of events and it starts to feel like a chore at some point (depending on the event). Players should be able to enjoy the normal content of the game without events shoved into face all the time also. "Is the game content that boring that need only events?"

    I also agree with you on all your other points, but the 4th: it's our community fault if not everyone can enjoy open world events. we miss of cooperation and honesty.

    Thanks for your post, I hope it'll be enlightening for the future

    I took a glimpse to 7.5 skill change and I'm afraid things are getting worst (Cleric skill change - KR Update 19/02/2020).

    I didn't investigate deeply, my impression tho' is that we will have less area-hps, due to that 12s CD increase on Ripple of Healing and Ripple of Purification healing reduction, without having and increase healing output on single target healing skills.

    Am I wrong? Evidence of ways to compesate this loss?

    [...]Someone do a minionite warehouse guide for al paths?thx

    do you really need it? just get in and kill everything, loot if you can loot and click if you can click.

    Maybe you didn't notice the NPC on every room giving you tips on what to do...

    anyway, go for the random path:

    A) Healer Path

    - 1st room: start killing mobs untill a shugo appears. click him and exit that room.

    -2nd room: kill every mob with 2dots-difficulty icon.

    B) Templar Path

    -1st room: kill little minion on the corners untill you find the one with loot.

    -2nd room: give that ear-shape thing you just loot to the next friendly NPC.

    C) Glad Path

    I can't remember this, just kill everything untill you get 5 lootable things. combine them together to create a bomb. click it next to the door to open it...

    it's super easy to get all 4 chests, you can even die several times and still be able to finish it in time xD