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    If the game was free to play i understand this bs ... but since we are paying to play Game Forge should consider something with the drop rates .. Indeed its really frustrating , i quit few times because of that already ... i love the game but i hate what it has become :(

    tbh p2w has always been a problem no matter what number patch was it at the time ... so nothing new ... but Game Forge somehow managed to do better about something as important , the gold pack system .. Im really hoping classic will be the same like retail with gold pack and not sub.. that IF we get Classic ( but im sure we will <3 ) This way even with p2w , people won't quit because they will be able to play as much as they want without restrictions and spending real $ :) So i think this evens a little bit the things , we'll see ...

    I literally just saw this and wrote the same thing under the post!

    Latest facebook/twitter post seems to suggest something. Old classic skins bought with kinah at an npc. No promotion or #ad or anything else. Just a simple screenshot of old skins.…tatus/1570737740362416128

    I'm actually starting to believe

    i also saw it and commented on the post , i guess all of us think the same ... pls god let it be true :D

    no matter how bad Game Forge will do on Classic im sure it can't be as bad as Ncsoft failed.. nobody can change my mind on this ... And we don't even know if Game Forge will fail at all , they might surprise us O.o time will tell...

    i just want to add something about the leveling ... its even because asmos have better quests at morheim while elyos has it worse in elthen ,and at starting maps things are reverse this is as far as i remember from the old times i played... dear god , im old .. :D


    Was the same with NA Classic, ppl super hyped full servers etc. Then 95% ppl quitted very fast cuz it was awful and they merged servers into one server only, yay.

    most people quit because of that aura thing and p2w candies , why would they pay to play a game which is already p2w in its first week.. i understand why they quit .. lets not even mention the ping and the time zone difference ... classic in eu will be a whole different thing .. im hoping they will be smart and avoid all those things i mentioned up in this post and for sure it will be more successful than Na :)

    I can only think of profits taking a huge dive on Retail EU, so they need a "new" income source. So imagine the possible p2w shop on Classic EU, lol... :)

    if they keep the gold pack model and we don't have to pay to be killed by p2w people in game then its np ;d same old , same old

    Hi , im just passing by to give some positive opinion :D After watching the stream and considering the news they brought about classic , i think it will happen around winter , this is good , cold season ,everybody at home , enjoying classic ^^ they said more news will follow in late summer that means end of august ? fingers crossed :good:

    its so lame with these random pieces of armor... i already got 4 pieces of physical cloth for painter and im freaking sm ... still have 0 magical cloth :((( pls bring us chance to get those scrolls but not in PROMO events ot cash shop ......

    im perfectly fine with the red odian slots tbh :D so far i can also say its mostly positive things in 8.0 .. we'll see for how long :)

    As we stated already, we do want to have AION classic. At the moment we can't because of technical challenge that need to be solved first. We are still in discussions with NC to find solutions together.

    is it me or this post of Galeas sounded a bit more optimistic than the rest of the others so far? Anyway .. Im sure if you guys ever launch Classic in Europe even the people playing on NA will return here ( at least most of them cuz of ping) and future 8.0 version will be played as well.. I don't care what many people say but Aion is far from dead.. just people are frustrated with some things that are happening ..but i doubt that will last long.. We are here and waiting for Classic ! :slove:

    this is the worst and most boring update ever , i mean the 7.9 one.. took me only 10 mins to do hellpath , get powders ,check kaldor get bored and log out .. :D
    on topic : this only makes me miss and love classic aion even more ... good that the waiting time is almost over today ^^ still hoping on GF to announce classic , tho .. no better place to be than home ;)

    idk i just think they should tell us the truth even if its disappointing .... At lest they owe some clarity to their player base that stuck so long with them as a thanks at least ... :rolleyes:
    Galeas feel free to forward that to your team :!:

    Agree with you but if they said we can't have a classic server they lose more fast the players than if they don't tell anything

    maybe yes but maybe people will be even more mad after GF say we won't get it and a lot of time has passed by then... Personally i'd like to know faster , this thing is a torture ... And no i won't abandon my eu char after so long years of playing and donating $ for skins :D But if they do continue with this ignore i will be very upset and won't bother logging in for very long time. Its just my personal opinion , other ppl might not think as me ofc :)