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    I have error 2018 and i cant update game (removed Antivirus, enough space in disk .... )

    I tried file check and got error too

    Is there more ppl with same problem atm?

    I'm trying to explain that it is a win - win for both of us.
    This is just on my main.

    My other 23 chars all have 24 stigma stones on them.

    I already have 700 stigma enchantment stones total.
    I won't need to buy from the shop anymore, while you could have gotten hundreds of euro's from me if you did a stigma event every other month.

    annndd.... "With this maintenance we changed stigma from tradble into untradble"

    yeah, the goal of p2w is when you buy items from shop.... if you dont buy any item, they wont care about what you need, obviously

    The HT event is ok, but they new one Epic loot is and Epic Fail event in my opinion, at least i wont even try to make any single instance for that event

    Epic loot event should be like we gonna have more chance to get contracts/stones farming normal mobs, then i would call him epic loot

    Galeas you really need to check what is going in game. The new event is really bad, the chance to improve is really low.... casual ppl cant improve gear, its like you make this game playable only for hardcore and p2w players, and you dont give a :censored: about the rest of community.

    I give you a simple example : for 1 legendary contract you need many ancients to fuse coz rate is low...but you still give 1 contract each week who will never upgrade ( bored to fuse normal and green ones and from time to time only 1 ancient procs)

    If you want ppl get some interest again in game you need to change a lot ... you can do better events, removing normal and green contracts for example that are obsolete at all. enchanting stigmas/stones events and give more daevanion essences. ATM 1 daevanion essence is nothing if you take in count how hard is get the books and the rates to proc.

    Im sure noone of you is playing the game as active player and checking what is happening...


    Stop to make game hard and hard mode and make it a bit least ppl can start new patch with some decent dont need to keep the rates so low as they are atm.

    - Zapiel

    For long time ppl was crying here about how hard is improve gear... now all ppl cry about how easy is.....i know this event is kinda extreme but still a way to help all players to get a good pve gear at least, so all ppl can enjoy game.

    In my opinion just let time pass, in a couple of month prices will be more stable again...

    I dont understand why so drama for everything....srsly guys, keep calm and play :P

    too much posts to read..... but there i go

    I talk a lot with old players and always the same feeling....old times were always better.....

    What happened in old times? simple.... less pve and more pvp, more fun, more action..... its easy to make aion a good game again.

    The best patchs in aion had less pve instances, less world bosses...."less work".

    Seems developers think if they do new things like instances, daevanion skills, cubes, etc......they do aion a better game.... but no....each new patch we need to farm like we are newies.....and it takes lot of time and efford.

    Most of old players (if not all) and ppl who quitted game are working and they dont have time to play so many hours per day.

    At the moment we have lots of things to do...a lot of pve...a lot of pvp....

    Resuming....i would like:

    1- reduce the pve instances (or reduce the entries at least and loot for everyone)

    2- less gears to farm but harder to get them (we have a lot of gears atm like pandora, raging blue flame, cold blue flame,merciless only for pve....and katalam gear, silent gear / dancing ember for pvp) WTF in old times we could pve and pvp with same gear....and ppl liked that a lot.

    3- more and needed pve/pvp quests in open world (it will make game much more active than it is now)

    4 - entry to pve instances in the opposite faction map

    Thats my opinion, just make aion great again

    i agree, you can pvp and get some fun taking 2-3 bosses minimun and then pvp.... ppl just want get rewards and finish....

    In other hand, Runatorium is not much better...when ppl looses first pvp, half ppl in group afk for 10 mnts....its game´s fault? as i said, old times were much better, ppl trying pvp in dredgion just for fun, not killing captain and doing full dred will never see that again.

    i have a question? the pvp kills doesnt work in dred/Runat? I think it stop afk with alts and play my opinion the system is ok, just ppl doesnt want to enjoy the game (i mean for example in dredgion, every groups just rush bosses and surkanas instead to get fun by pvp like old times)