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    To be honest the first reference is extremly vague as it's just a cookie with some wings (which could be also only a normal angel reference from the christmas tradition). Yes AION has wings but we didn't see a clear reference to AION there.

    Regarding the cookies I didn't see the reference, we will add it to the winners too :)

    Those Reindeer cookies looked nothing like a Granker, but got acknowledged as such. Which could also be just a normal Christmas reference.

    You really think aion classic will have only 1k at release?

    Do you know what an example is? Apparently not......... :pushharder:

    i dont wear nostalgia glasses

    but i also see the bigger picture which make it worth x2 or even more with right management. Now if Ncsoft want exactly and only the same model as korea or NA then yes it will die before even start...

    You just proved yourself wrong, without even noticing it :ugly:

    You dont want classic cuz u probably play retail and u are afraid that retail will die i get that.If u cant see that a classic server with right management will bring more people and also way more money to company then u must be blind

    Retail is dead for several Years xD

    And yes i´m "Scared" that a Video Game "Dies" because my Self esteem is reliant on that Video Game :rofl::rofl::rofl: (Oh Wait, that´s most of the Clasic People)

    Also have fun with your 1 Month of Classic before no one plays it anymore just like in NA :rofl::rofl::rofl:

    This dude is litteraly scared that his 8.0 wich he donated 3-5K € will be doomed / deserted once Classic is released.

    Sorry, i´m completely Free to Play, i don´t even have the new armor complete, nor have i Upgraded Stigma´s or Daeva Skills. But i love how people always seem to know others so well.

    What´s it with you guys and people being "scared"? xD

    It is a VIDEO GAME!!!!!! Not Real life.

    Yea well. Most people are here for the same reason but guess what...they simply dont care at all.Check when was the last official "classic check" by them , that will answer to all your questions...

    Did you watch the latest Stream? no? Thought so. Galeas ALWAYS gives a Statement on the Classic situation in these. But hey, knowing that would destroy your whole "GF doesn´t care about us"- Storyline :ugly:

    Wake up and look at the Cold hard Facts. It´s just not woth it, to run Classic in EU.

    Let´s be Optimistic and say they have 1k Players on release. That is still less then Retail right now, and most of these 1k will quit pretty fast once they realise how P2W Classic is. It is NOTHING like the old days, but no one of you Fanboys want´s to admit that.

    You just keep insulting people for not having on Pink Nostalgia glasses.

    cringe kid

    Wow, your second post and you already insult others.


    Considering the People are still playing on private servers and also tried aion classic NA. If 5 people want aion classic then it must be like 2 People wants retail

    But these forbidden Servers are NOT the same as an Official Aion Classic. So your "Argument" is already invalid. And like you said, they TRIED. Most of them already stopped playing again.

    You shot yourself in the foot with that reply xD

    And what about THE Symbol of Aion...the WINGS? Aren't respecting the rules? Those are cookies, too! And what about the supplements-cookie? Those where given in the past winter event!

    They are not some random Reindeer, that looks nothing like a Granker :ugly:

    No one wants the sub each month

    I actually prefer it that way but not with all that retarded stuff in the cash shop. As you said just a monthly sub with non pay2win items in it.

    I guess i am just dreaming 🙃

    Yes you are, because that´s what happened everywhere else. NC-Soft want´s it that way.

    I'm not talking about current/future aion, I meant for classic. Like why they didn't simply downgrade a 4.x or 5.x engine

    There is no new Engine in these Versions.........

    It´s the same old outdated Shit, that´s incapable of running an MMORPG since it was never meant for one.


    and does not give any advantage, because of this tool. :) Just only this what U wrote man. This macro is not a game' software. All such idiotic tools creating a real advantage. U have to understand one thing: synapse is expensive - because of their products, and also cheat programmes U have to pay, to can use them. All such trash methods how to be OP or over others - R cheats, because U dont Use original game' software.

    Mouse having additional buttons R normal, because it is like an extended version of keyboard.

    You should read that line again, and THINK about it ;)

    Btw, having more than average braincells also gives you an advantage, I think something should be done about it.

    Synapse macro, auto hot keys ? Many OP playrs R using.

    Dont we have game's macro available by pressing the "U" button?


    1 is an Actual MODIFICATION! of the Client which is Forbidden by the Rules.

    The other is a third Party Tool, that clicks buttons on your Keyboard and has NOTHING to do with the Game itself.

    Please Stop posting, when you dont even understand this simple thing.

    I play since almost 2 years and don't remember a time without the bug sadly. Got it in any map and also in kinda any instance..

    Often it happens when my char does some emotes (related to some msg i send on chat), but idk if there is an actual link about emotes and the bug.

    Happens after gliding to me

    Can i ask is anyone else having issues on the new map with all your skills just stop working and the only way to fix it is logging?

    If yes have anyone worked a way of fixing it, its not just me having this issue.

    That bug exists for a while, you can also fix it by dieing or switching the map.

    any know when reset honor points?

    Guess when they will put 8.2, but not 100%..

    Galeas even confirmed that in the Stream, but i guess people don´t watch that.

    Most don´t even read Patchnotes which is kinda sad.

    players having fun with the new chat saying account is banned and server will be coming down just sad.

    Surprise! Nobody could´ve seen that coming :tea: