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    PPL who went on dred like me have that problem now. The DDOS probably destroyed the instance server and our accounts now are in some kind of purgatory state unable to log into the game for hours. I created a ticket for this so let's see what they gonna say about it tomorrow.

    Since the FAQ got updated i got a few questions left:

    So did korea had a change of heart regardign the droprates? Because this sounds too good to be true.

    In your VOD around the end (1:29:56) you mentioned that metoring will be avaiable so this is a bummer to hear unfortunately.

    Regarding the skillbook prices i am glad that you adress this topic cause this was one of my questions. But since "it will be worth farming monsters" this shoudn't be an issue :)

    About the sieges i remember the lower fortresses having monsters being level 40. Does this mean these fortresses will have monsters at level 50 now?

    RIP to all who took vacation on April for this. WTH man come on this is the SECOND delay by now... are you gonna delay it even further next week as well?

    I hope this is a late april fools joke at this point.

    Starting with 2.0 is not that bad imo. Lvling up is not a chore, Dredgions will be way faster than 1.x and Dark Poeta is more pug friendly and still be worth doing cause of strong seteffects. I also have no problem if you guys decide to start with 1.2 or 1.5 as long as there are no 90.000 ac p2w stuff in shop (+11 extreme lol). I accept a small monthly fee for aura and a CHEAP (700 luna is NOT cheap) pass. And please don't repeat the candy fiasco ncsoft west did and don't do something similar to that in any shape or form.

    Im selling my soul for this halloween event rn for the +9 extreme gear. Allready did 24 pulls but it doesn't look promising. Video to show drops coming up after 50 or 100 pulls stay tuned.

    The new arena system is the best thing that has come to aion in a long time. IMO Healing wound single handedly killed PVP in this game (pls delete this) but in arena no one can use it and ayy lmao everyone to death with it - im starting to have fun again.

    Yes they nerfed the entry numbers of easy mode instances but i don't see a big problem with that. People mainly run these to do kinah caps, but there are other, better ways to do it. Just run Ara NM (still has 4 entrys) and sell your stuff, or farm tempus fungit and sell spiked gear.

    Removing lurkes is a bummer indeed. We need more AP and ultimate manastone sources now i can agree with that.

    What you need to change ASAP now GF is stats of gate/boss in raid. It feels like you do 1/10 of the damage that you did before on these. We could only manage to get 1 keep in gelk while we could only destroy 1 gate of the other keep in time. And i heared abyss should be voulnarable at the same time too but no chance dude.

    The real trick to get a safe loot from the boss was/is to build a groupe as late as possible . No matter how much dmg you did ( at least 1) no matter how much ppl are in your group/alliance. You just have to build a group later that most other ppl. The later the better.

    Galeas please consider giving everyone a safe legendary contract for conpensation cause the fustration level of the ppl getting nothing or getting way less than other ppl is as high as it gets.