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    20kk where? on ely you don't even see one in broker anymore, and the rare seller wants 45-50kk. Some people even go FT on alts just for a chance to snatch Sage's to sell it even if they are not on a cleric.

    And I didn't even expect to get it for free, farmed FT and solo'ed Siel for 2 months, nothing. The fact they push you to 55 asap and in the process lock you out from dropping a -very- necessary stigma, is really horrible design of classic. Back in retail you needed a long time to level up, drops were a LOT better, people were running low instances, you would eventually get it. This clearly doesn't work for classic.

    Anyway 2.7 brings these low level stigmas basically for free, but in the meantime 1.9 - 2.5, many clerics have been denied the use of one of their advanced stigma trees, it's just bs.

    As someone else said, the playerbase is older and better off than 10 years ago (more willing to spend and less willing to grind), but it is not smart going so hard for the p2w route if you want longevity for classic.

    True but you spend where it makes sense and there's value; when you are being asked to pay $300 for a pizza, you end up just not buying anything, even if you are rich.

    I am not very good at this game but love it anyway but this is why I play more PvE so if I die I am only letting myself down. I have tried being a Spirit master for the first time and I enjoy my companion but if I accidently pull more than 1 or 2 I sometimes die. At lvl 39 I managed to kill Kaliga without killing the others but he didn't drop key but now at lvl 41 I keep getting killed, it makes no sense.

    I am struggling doing other quests too, I have one dark blue quest called Protect the Ruins but I keep getting killed in Kyola Temple so never get the chance to get to Fire Temple in the first place . I have a Lvl 26 Templar but struggle with that too, I miss the Aethertech class but wouldn't leave Classic as its like the older AION before they spoilt it with more PvP and hardly any PvE.

    I don't know if I should just start again with a Gladiator who I remember was one of the easier classes in the old game. Not sure what will be best ???

    Cleric/sorc might be a better pick for you, in terms of dps/survivability.

    Leveling will be easier after tomorrow's 2.5 patch. As for kinah.. you have 2 options: wallet or wallet. Classic is a lot more p2w than retail ever was.

    The answer to all questions is the same. MONEY!

    Gameforge has started selling low drop rate items on cash shop (genius solution to low drop rates). Im sure GF will start selling manastones on cash shop soon.

    They do in NA, coming for sure to EU as well.

    Get used to this, EU is following the same path/patch/changes as NA, which follows KR. NA currently at 2.8 and we got all open-world loot removed in 2.5. Crafting does not exist anymore besides pots and food.

    Why dont we have inner-race dreds/tiaks?

    Why is there no coop arena 3v3 and gold arena 1v1?
    Why are MR stones so rare? The same about low-lvl stigmas which cost 30-40kk (Sage widsom)

    2.7 brings same-race ddg, 3v3 arena, "free" low level stigmas like Sage's Wisdom etc, and free taha weapons. I mostly quit EU until then, waste of time.

    Manastones etc will only get worse from 2.5 onwards when open-world loot is removed.

    also nothing to do in game for pvp player: always zerging or 6v1. Cant even do fort daily quest for hours.
    Would like to have coop arena, gold arena, more glory arenas. May x2 tiak runs as we had with runatorium.
    Maybe also daily pvp-quests like we had in 5.* with decent (actually just better than normal ones) rewards.
    Instances arent rewarding at all. BT HM drops 1 ET part for WHOLE GROUP with 50% chance for whole run. When you will do 50 runs and with each new run you get nothing - any desire melts. Friends become less active. LBT - nobody does it due to difficulty (thanks that its all about premades, lfg cant do it) and little difference to even TAC weapon. UT/LUT - never seen any ET acces drop, so I gave up doing it. Also instances like KKM and ESO are made for dps classes, where templars like me arent welcome. This all makes me play less.

    Exactly what I mentioned a while ago, compare our drops with NA classic.. there's an abyss of difference. Also AP again in EU is ridiculous, barely worth wasting your time with the instances.

    Why is EU classic so nerfed compared to NA?