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    Probably the I5 4590 option but not by much (in the case of AION). I'd buy the 1st option as a generally better and more modern system and up the RAM for a lil more, although one is a laptop, the other one a desktop, idk.. weird choices to compare.

    a bird told me these are the chances for the hammers:

    0.01% kaisinel

    0.02% wise dragon weapon

    0.03% legendary

    1.5% daeva chest

    3.5% 62 types

    have fun gambling with your money

    oh ok. I'm just sick of this game the last few years and much more lately, the only way to make any progress is through (broken) "events" and cash shop (and 200 alts). What would happen if there were no more "events" for a year? shouldn't we be able to progress in the game through its normal content and mechanics?

    you sir, are absolutly insane

    Sir, you're right. 100 euro is exaggerated. 10-15 euros per month should be enough. Cancel Cash Shop and be able to get everything in the game. That would be a good game model.

    We had that in the beginning from 2009-2012 under NC, those were the best times.

    It is, they are not selling the original cheese, but modified to their own custom model for what they believe is most profitable.

    Again, we are CUSTOMERS here, people seem to forget that.

    Again, GF is publisher, people seem to forget that GF only publish what NC provides him.

    And if game westernization takes too much effort for NC, or too expensive for GF, not surprising some content are P2W like in KR.

    But the point remains, we pay the service to Gameforge. If they can't provide the quality service we expect.. it does no good to blame NCsoft, they should just stop selling the service.

    I'm obviously referring to Gameforge, not to Sita personally, but the company he represents in the forum.

    it was told a million times already that events are not created out of thin air but planned months(!) ago - requested at NCsoft, reviewed, approved etc.

    you said yourself the world is in a crisis, and then you seriously expect NC to change something???

    I bring to your memory that this is a private forum of a company which tolerates or not tolerates slander - and in this case doesn't tolerate slander

    We are YOUR customers, not NCsoft's, the content you provide to us is your sole responsibility, we don't need explanations or excuses about what you can or cannot do, our money is going to this company, not to the one delivering the product you are reselling to us.

    Again, we are CUSTOMERS here, people seem to forget that.

    Galeas hey, is there supposed to be new additional drops in dungeons this week or was it just a copy and paste of text and not changing the text to reflect last week's change?

    "New drops in dungeons - more information tomorrow. Will be activated until further notice."

    I think it was just this

    • In Narakkalli you’ll now find 15 Ancient Fragments of Memory in the Magnificent Narakkalli Treasure Chest.
    • In the Hidden Minionite Warehouse you’ll get 10 Ancient Fragments of Memory from the Mixed Minion Chest.

    get some changes in 7.5 Andrew talked about.

    That's the thing, whatever they change in 7.5 or any further expansions for us, it will be a little grain of sand on a beach, as long as p2w model prevails this is it, we will always have the same insane limitations and walls to properly enjoy the game.

    We keep on commenting and discussing the same things for years, just accept that it will never change, this is P2W model, this is what we have. While people keep supporting this system spending hundreds or thousands each month, why would GF ever consider an alternative? Before a video-game, this is a business, businesses don't care about people, they care about how to make the most profits.

    And if you say "I never buy coins" etc, if you are you buying GPs or anything in-game that was purchased by whales from the shop, you are supporting this system just as much.