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    not everyone dc'd with these lag spikes, i didnt but i had like 17 million ms 2 or 3 times while my friends on discord complained that they dc'd during that time and couldnt log in fast


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    Since Platinerk is delayed for so long and there are no news about it coming soon i would to ask from Galeas , if it's possible ofc, to change some or most of the existing VR to something more usefull, the amount of enchantment stones and the luna are a great help but there are so many crap in there that 99% of the ppl dont even bother to allocate to a char. Things like tradeable AP scrolls, emote cards, pets, titles are still usefull and should remain.
    Outdated rewards like: low level yasba's, hybrid ancient potions, morati's pots (5k heal and 30 minute cd), tickets for arena of glory, Lodas amulets with level restriction, Fortified Recovery Serums (only 2,2k heal), Leader Recovery Scroll (4k heal 1 hour cd), Fortified Divine Life Serum and Fortified Divine Man Serum (both outdated, 4.3k hp or mp) and so many things dont have any use in this patch and if you could replace some of them would be great.
    My suggestion would be adding some stigma enchantment stones, random class A minion, class A minionite (enough to make a class A minion lv2), 20% pots and new ap pots, instead of hybrid ancient transformation pots maybe add some transformation scrolls.
    Feel free to suggest something else.

    14. Reduced the amount of equipment you can receive in some instances.
    15. Reduced the price of equipment in some shops.

    Be ready to make some changes fast Galeas  
    Ncsoft is nerfing everything on this patch, less item drop in instances, legendary stones only available from bags with alot of rng involved.
    Gameforge will have to make adjustments in so many things and it needs to be done as soon as possible....

    the only bad thing about mereorite was that they releashed by mistake the hammers on gold sand shop one week earlier and even when they gave us the rewards list ppl were sceptical about the droprate (which is normal) and didnt buy the hammers on all chars they could, so for most ppl this event lasted 2 weeks and not 3, other than that it was a great event, very rewarding for most players and i am afraid next time we will have it its gonna be nerfed to the ground...

    It would tho. Because few people wouldn't be able to monopolize everything, it's just a matter of time, you cannot be everywhere at once, while 240 ppl... can, actually.

    Ah. Because those 240 ppl would surely not split into 4-5 legions and then split altars between them, right?

    maybe those that are sitting on 2k stellium wont bother for a while (although i doubt it) but there are so many people that dont participate in altars because its a waste of efford, there are some many medium sized legions that will almost never get a blessed one.

    Okay it looks like we're getting to the core of the argument. If you don't want to put in the effort of getting enough people together to actually compete you are currently not bothering. May I ask you why the publisher should change that if people do not care enough to form competing legions currently? Looks like the situation is quite okay apart from some forum comments then?

    yea blame the players that cant compete with the top legions of each faction, they must be lazy...
    Idk how are things on your server but on stormwing one or two groups of those overgeared ppl (SP or TN) can outdps without any trouble an alliance (or sometimes 35-40ppl) of a medium sized legion that has few geared people and many undergeared.
    You cant compete in dps race with them in any small or medium sized altar, maybe only on large ones but then their "partners" of the opposite faction will come, wipe you and get the altar... so yea ppl get demotivated and give up on altars sieges not because they are lazy and they want to get things effordless but because the gap is huge since this system feeds them daily with ench stones...

    maybe those that are sitting on 2k stellium wont bother for a while (although i doubt it) but there are so many people that dont participate in altars because its a waste of efford, there are some many medium sized legions that will almost never get a blessed one. For the alt part that you mentioned i dont really care about it, if they can do that on altars maybe they can do it in fort sieges as well... can you stop them from doing that ? no... does it affect your progress ? no...

    Nah dude, instead of crying on forums and LFG, why don't you guys, the ones in smaller legions, join the 2nd biggest one so you can actually compete ? Jesus.

    And how do you compete from within the second largest one when the largest one cooperates with the enemy faction's largest one ?XD Cuz that's what happens on our server. There is just no solution, some players don't play the game, they just need it to feel superior

    An asmodian legion summons a boss with the scroll from altars, some dude from n1 asmo legion doesnt like it and sends n1 ely legion to wipe them and ks their boss. This is stormwing, where some selfish people dont want anyone, outside of the n1 legions, to have a chance for those weapons....

    dont worry guys you will get the fragments from shop way before the rest of us get any fix for droprate of materials. The gap of gear difference will once more increase for the spenders compared to plebs...

    Was it too much work to include ALL skill changes that come with our version ? Why do i have to search in other sites or on older threads on this forum about these changes ? Is it the community responsible to bring the news to the ppl or the publisher ? Dissapointed one more time... :thumbdown:

    Galeas is it possible to announce the total amount of the items that were sold on each action ? Another question is if an item was "out of stock" why we had no information about this and price was still reducing every 15 seconds? In my opinion when an item was out of stock only the timer for that action should kept going not the price dropping and the buy now button should be grayed out for ppl to know that they can't buy it anymore.

    does the event team enjoy to destroy events that are actually beneficial for the free to play ppl ? i see no logic in nerfing the daily amount of coins per character, if you would have made the coins to be 100% drop on the listed instances i would understand your move but like this is just another meaningless nerf of a rewarding event.