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    We don't all have the time to do 50 PVP kills a day, some people just have to work all day. It's just TOO soon. In 6 months Katalam?

    In a year you'd work less? Or do you hope for 2.0 to be released in 2060 when you retire? /s (or not?)

    So you wanna stay in this version where you have crappy ways of getting AP and medals + the faction that doesn't have divine fort can't do dark poeta (the only real endgame instance) unless they log in at 4am to grab quest or pay a stupid amount of kinah for the 20 scales quest for longer? That is wild.

    i do indeed. people rushing from patch to patch can just play retail. and the freeloaders crying for tradable/free siels energy can just leave.

    And boring people tying themselves to boring patches with little content can keep running said content in future patches and nothing more.

    To be honest. 3 months to release 2.0 is wayyyy too fast. NA took 1 year to release 2.0 is too long I agreed. How about 6 months? I think 6 month and release 2.0 is seem good. GF should do an ingame voting and lets the players decides...

    NA didn't start on 1.9, no use to compare the two.

    If you really want to, though: from 1.9 to 2.0 exactly 2 months passed. 3-4 months is reasonable enough, as 1.9 has little engaging PvE content, and flying PvP is not pleasant for many.

    its easy---> live version of aion is over... no daeva pass, no Lords relics event but we will still get a sacred waters from apsha quests, still silente around gold pack rewards from past....

    total zero activity on servers (elyos side)... only asmo groups zerg 1 or 2 elyos on maps... all gone to classic, but as we already know people are upset also from classic so maybe they will come back to live aion :))))

    ...Which was dead long before Classic released. Just make peace with the fact that 8.4 onwards is dead.

    It´s not a matter of who´s more or less. Running Roah/Asteria raid just showed how stupid both factions are at least on Tahabata. Asmos are stupid as hell but Elyos match that by being even more stupid. No one is able to read the patchnotes about raids otherweise no one with some brain left would hardcore tryhard deff a keep. But both smartass factions do, so ridiculous......

    Has it ever occurred to you that people just want to pvp for fun instead of chasing stupid rewards?

    That sounds like an excuse and not even a true one. Never heard of people who attend sieges JUST (I repeat, just) for the sake of them Plus, these sieges are barely PvP. Those medals are needed either for kinah or Abyss gear. People who enjoy PvP don't crave PvP gear? I don't know, Rick...

    You're not supposed to have Abyss 50 gear after a month. Unless, as you said, you trade AP. So the answer is to play normally: do your dailies and weeklies for Radiant tokens and exchange those for relics; attend sieges; farm kinah to buy Arena tickets; attend Dredgion daily and complete at least the 2 daily quests, bonus if you win. I bet you know all this stuff already.

    I work and pay, what you talking about?

    Then AION is not the game for them.

    What are you talking about then? Read your own posts?

    Except I do find time to play AION throughout the week, unlike these people who seemingly can't because of their jobs and lives.

    MMOs require a substantial time investment, some people can find such time despite work/social life, while others can't. If you can, you're good to go. If you can't, the game can't change its nature because of you and it's not for you.

    Make it make sense.

    People are lazy nowdays.They want full 50lvl ap gear +15 for a week.

    No, it's just some people have jobs and lives that drag them away from Aion.

    Then AION is not the game for them. It's supposed to be slow, because when it's fast and easy people complain they got nothing to do after a month, leave, and the game dies.
    When it's slow, people have a reason to log in every day.

    I don't think it's too hard to understand that if they don't answer this question repeated over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, it's because there is NO news. Wait. That's it. Wait. Repeating the question over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again will NOT speed things up.