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    It was November 2014 when I decided after talks with BlackVelvet that I would like to support her, and eventually get something done for the better, for this game I loved so very much.

    5,5 years as mod and later on BA is quite some time, and eventually everything comes to an end - and now it's my time to say goodbye. Real life reasons (way more work since lockdown than before) and a lack of interest to volunteer as support after work additionally with the rather bad mood made me realize, nop I'm too old for this...

    Be nice, never forget that no matter how little you like their censoring, the mods are volunteers and players, and that there is another human behind that character you just killed over and over again....

    Hasta la vista,


    please read the community guidelines again

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    So after getting feedback, it is indeed working as intended

    Please keep in mind that the rewards are for one part of the week, and the rewards for the other part of the week (starting saturday noon) will be differently

    it was told a million times already that events are not created out of thin air but planned months(!) ago - requested at NCsoft, reviewed, approved etc.

    you said yourself the world is in a crisis, and then you seriously expect NC to change something???

    I bring to your memory that this is a private forum of a company which tolerates or not tolerates slander - and in this case doesn't tolerate slander

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    Sillus :


    dear all

    currently Galeas is only limited available - I know the situation is unpleasant (so to say) - but PLEASE be patient until he gets back to us with feedback from the higher ups

    KR Sita

    critizise is ok, if it's in a normal and logical way- what is not ok is mindless bashing - as you can see your last post is still active, the critizism is ok, the others are not, thats why I censored them and thats about it

    as Rym said, we are volunteers, we dont get paid
    we have our holidays too, and then sometimes the fastest way to try to deescalate is to deactivate and/or censor harsh. Please do not forget that this is a PRIVATE forum of a company - which means freedom of opinion, but NOT freedom to say absolutely whatever you want (you ever had pictures on facebook censored because reasons? well, we still use it nevertheless... )

    Galease where in forum is all about ping issues in old forum was in technical support from some french gm(i thnk) many toutorials what to do if you have ping issues it was very helpful. ty

    Are you talking about this thread?

    PING Issues

    No, site was in old forum under technical support done from French GM and it had all problems possible ingame(for ping issues) and solutions about them. It was 3 sites. Delete shader folder, leatrix use, etc... etc.. basicaly there where all solutions for ping issues.

    ah then you mean this one [FAQ] List of known technical problems and their solutions 

    but I just saw we need to adjust some parts of it