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    i usually troll around a bit with my answers, but im gonna be honest now.

    i dont mind 2.0, i think in the end i will enjoy the patch 2.x more than 1.x.

    BUT i want to play 1.x before 2.0 because we will get to 2.0 anyway.

    i especially dont want to rush to 3.0. i dont care a bit about the executor class and what ncsoft is doing with current classic on korea. they gonna fu ck up the experience and nostalgia for everyone with any new changes.

    taking months to level unless you no-life?

    you bad bro

    Also ich lese da nur das es noch neue Infos vor Weihnachten gibt aber nicht das aion Classic vor Weihnachten kommt.

    Das wird vor weihnachten kommen sonnst wären die ziemlich doof meiner Meinung nach das ist die beste Zeit um Geld aus einen spiel zu holen und allgemein bekannt ist es ja das die Server Start klar sind das einzige Problem ist das NC Soft mit Gameforge noch in der Verhandlungsphase ist.
    Als Aion Classic auf NA raus kahm wurden die Server 14 Tage nach Ankündigung Online geschaltet ich bin sehr zuversichtlich das wir die EU Server vor Weihnachten bekommen !!!.


    Now that an announcement is imminent....who else is anxious about it being the one thing we don't want to here?

    "Due to technical issues we will not be getting Aion Classic. The GF team has worked tirelessly with NCSoft to come to fix these issues but with NCSofts new games on the horizon they naturally had to prioritise Throne and Liberty and Aion 2 (mobile kekw). Also- do you guys not have phones?!"


    tbh, if there would be the same shop as there used to be (some skins, dyes, namechange and stuff) i would easily be willing to pay even 20-30€.

    but i think we will be getting a gold pack and will be seeing the aether treasure boxes again, maybe even worse stuff.

    thats exactly what i want.

    i just wanna get r*ped by the lv. 20 elites in altgard while wearing white gear like i got 14 years ago.

    i think we all know we are not gonna get another 5-10 good aion years out of classic. i just want to ride the wave of the release. and everytime i talk to someone about a classic release i get impatient and spam the forums here for 3 days. this is the way

    1 year after the release of Aion classic NA, and here we are, in that time we got almost zero informations about a release. I think at this time we should get a answer if a EU release is still on the table, or if that projekt is cancelt. Galeas

    IF there would be any new info I would not wait for you to ask on the forum to share it :)

    have you tried asking the people that know about the status of classic eu nicely?

    maybe take some chocolate with you?