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    ppl with better ping win and im the one person who dont give up becouse ppl like you think they deserve take 6 mobs and others can't take even one

    maybe you not realize that event is simply unfair and bring only hate

    i wish to see how you be faster than rest with like 200ms ping good luck

    I would say no but why?

    As new player i wouldn't have free enchantent stones from VR each 6 months not to mention you need buy plenty GP to activate another GP for elite rounds...

    I wasn't lucky and dont have ult or many lege forms but still it does give buff from collection better than nothing

    improved skills, stigmas, S minions? its madness!

    So if you would offer me this game without this staff i got just NO!

    As last i hope classic will come up to see this full servers of people with multiple different skins

    It was example not complain, even IF i didn't pay doesn't mean others did not

    What i mean even promo events are nerf, with classic server info i belive it going be even worse

    U can't get anything in promo event like luna ( spent 2,5k luna on alt acc, got nothing )

    so what about not promo events?

    If you want lege contr hold another 20 GP for next round elite rewards at least you won't fight with giant RNG

    I don't like it but lets don't be blind and be realistic

    we need hero who join GF team send message to NCsoft for proper event that can't be nerf and put the virus which after fusion any contr will result ultimate form

    Do weekly Q in Red Katalam and Lakrum, item can be stored in WH so you can even gather gear on few chars ofc it take plenty of time

    some area does drop tita coins other cubes for stats, Tower of challenge give HP cubes

    There special mobs they drop manastones + tita bundle

    Pharma Towers which appear very often 24/7 may drop legendary, ancient manastones so you dont need spent any kinah by buying manastone

    Still best is simply join legion

    well u gave not many information

    firstly maybe its due new drivers, maybe you bought new hardware, you know best when it did start happend

    pls consider give selectable daevanion skill chest 12 types in new elite rewards, event or simply put it in shop

    after so many fusions i did unlock one of two skills made that one +15 got 6 times that skill while second DP skill is still unlock :thumbup:

    easiest way to get A minion is broker BUT you can also buy A minion from Shugo Vending Machine it does cost 650 shugo coins

    They had time to prepare new elite rewards round , but no time change a bit veteran rewards or finally icrease lvl

    i got my S rank minion so i don't understand point of remove it from drop list, they could make them dropable in instances so mobs are limited and you can't bot if is that huge deal

    Thye looking for cause to remove or disable something

    Huuuge + for free selectable legendary transform contract, why such thing are done after
    ppl quit the servers IF that move would be done in 6.5 or 7.0 ...

    well finally i get collection becouse there is giant RNG wall which only money can break

    rly if do such Hero trials like now better dont put it at all at least person who is responsible won't waste time to think how make them worse and can focus on something else

    beside you doing well on nerf events i think at the end of year you reach max lvl

    can we get at least single fair event?

    i was rly hope for afk event for lege contr with afk bot it wouldn't be bad idea

    well better give bugged hero trials which consume alot of time and stress + still need key to unlock contr..

    It is so hard give us maybe old shugo instance with new rewards than spent time to make everything harder and buged