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    Best solution would have been making the hammers account tradeable. :D But yeah, there are balance purposes behind it. Like, they don't want you to get tons of certain ENch stones on one single character, or selectable daevanion skill boxes etc. That is only for those that want to spend money. I guess we get why it is designed like that and we gotta respect the fact that it is a business after all.

    I am hyped for the Birthday-Anniversary Event :D

    I understand that you could argue back that these accessories existed BEFORE painter BUT that still doesn't matter since u get by your class phys/magical and all physical accessories can be worn by painters... It's just really putting the class painter in bad position since war necklace. It gives (we could say) best pve because after all from crafted noble one its only like 20 attack points less... And if they paid for it why don't let them get it?

    May i ask. About the meteorite event. Is it intended that painters cannot open the ultimate asseccories selection box? What are they supposed to do o do with it then if they bought key and got unusable reward. O. O

    Blant truth is whoever thought gf gonna take that stuff as evidence (some specific situations aside) was kinda stupid. If they would ban all ppl listed by this tool already (where still not everyone can upload) they would already lost pretty big amount of cash their earning from this players more or less directly.

    That aside the tool itself is great and in my opinion will already help making ppl stop use it/make it harder for them to find grps etc.

    Sure, far from perfect since they still get better rewards and stuff but what you gonna do- pretty much only solution for that would be something not allowing ppl do use such "mechanisms" on the server side

    I agree with you where you said it's gonna make them stop. Or at least it will partly destroy their "gaming exyperience" they don't even deserve since they use this tools~ Some legions kick them straight away or give them ultimatum-> get caught hacking again and kick. Or losing respect between players-> not gettin invited. Maybe community itself will make like this nice change and people who use these "tools" will be like"hey, it's maybe not worth it anymore"... :evil:

    Harash truth. This is what is going on and all players know it. Didn't see banned hacker in AGES. Are your NC tools or what even working? Why is it even so easy to hack in this game .-. Got recently to this topic and looked up myself on one site... How many things there are... and so easy.. its just so sad. This kills the game. Personally hoping to see improvement even if it will be without supporting Livo's tool for whatever reason