• Hello. What was it like with the professions in Aion? I think you could only have a master profession at LvL 500. Could I then do a second profession at LvL 499 or does the second profession only go to LvL 400??

  • From 2.0 patchnotes:


    1. The Master level of Crafting has been added.

    • Players can become Master level in Crafting by completing a quest and paying Kinah to the appropriate teacher NPC when their crafting skill level reaches 499.
    • Master level crafters can increase their maximum skill level to 549.
    • Players may only become a Master in one discipline.

    As I remember at first same character could reach highest level at all crafts and after the change only one at the time. But I am not sure if it was before master crafts were added or not.

    I am pretty sure there was a version in which same character could only reach top level at one craft at the time only and had to give it up in order to reach top level another craft on same character. Maybe this system was about master crafts, maybe just about reaching lv 499, i don't remember.

    I had different master crafts on different alts and I never gave up any (master) craft and I never heard of anyone doing so to learn another craft. I am not 100% any more , but I think giving it up meant that all master levels were lost forever and had to be learned again and that it wasn't possible just to switch one off and maybe on again.

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  • Yeah, found it, looks like master craft was initially at 449:

    "There is nothing to prevent you from learning all 6 crafts, other than the cost to learn a new trade (2,904 Kinah ), but you cannot take a second skill beyond 399 (Expert=400) until you have Mastered (449) one skill. Then you can Become Expert at your second craft. You cannot Master more than two crafts."

    Read here about relinquishing levels:

    Crafting info

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