[Classic] Draupnir cave area faction balance

  • Balance Asmodian territory to non-elite monsters? 14

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    My suggestion is quite simple and there's 2 options;

    1) Balance Asmodian race Beluslan Draupnir cave area to non-elite monsters.
    2) Balance Elyo race Heiron Draupnir cave area to elite monsters.

    Doesn't make sense that Asmodians have to suffer killing Elite balaurs to farm balaur material, blue balaur scale and other kind of items while Elyos have their whole zone free of Elites and a pretty much easy and braindead farm.

    Lets not count is not only Balaurs, Asmodian are struggling aswell with Elite Lepharist while Elyo are perfectly safe killing normal monsters.




    //Edited vote options - Sparx