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    They just destroy the game with releasing bugged events, destroying economy and much more. First grankers, now this. I didn't participate in current one bcs I'm tired of this *bad words* and almost don't play at all

    I hope GF wont let this patch happen before they fix all the current issues and asking for a custom made 7.5 for EU .Or they will lose more player than ever before if we get the exact braindead changes without considering the eu community's problems with it.

    I would like this to become real, but the truth is...everyone know's that.

    Here what will happen:

    -GF "fix" things in one-two month or more(2 months at least imo)

    -Playable patch for 1,5 month

    -Announcement of upcoming 7.5 in 2 weeks

    And the circle start from beginning with different frametime to "fix" game

    What else? Maybe 3 Tiers of stigma enchanment(like ancient/legendary/ulti equipment), bcs +15 isnt enought, or upgradeable transformation to +15? It is getting more ridiculuos. I'm just leave it here



    - Zapiel

    On my cleric that isn't anywhere close to max gear (most gear is legendary) i do prometun 3-man and get 1st place in dps 90% of the time. Have a friend that has a cleric that is slightly more geared than mine but also nowhere near max gear and same thing happens to him.

    In this story were a dragons? Did a lot of prometun/makarna dungeons trio/duo and dps difference is huge

    You simply want benefits max of heals which others dont have and have DPS like other DPS in same time

    Cleric shouldn't has dps on equal lvl like sorcerer, but a bit lower for sure. Now cleric damage is too low. With my geared cleric compared to legendary set on sorcerer alt I see a huge diferrence. Killing mobs on prometun as cleric takes a while, but as sorcerer with legendary set is much faster

    and take 1 min to kill one mob.

    It's painful especially in Dumaha map. It takes too much time to kill mobs solo as a cleric even on dps build.

    If you play solo then gameplay is one BIG misunderstanding. Without group it's just pointless. More, even with group it looks like that you are taken cuz of dispel. It feels like cleric is the fifth wheel.

    I wonder what devs had in mind to make this stupid changes to saving grace or splendour recovery before. Not to mention other changes

    Yea I feel you. Cleric is worse and worse every patch and more nerfs recently. From decent damage to very low in few patches. With full ultimate equipment(65%/35% new-old gear) upgraded to 12-15 it takes ages to kill something a little bit harder, while on my sorcerer fully equipped with legendary and few ultimate parts +4/+5 and weapon +10 from patch 7.0 I feel huge difference. I don't say cleric should be OP in dps too, but rn this class is under average a lot - I would say one of the worst. Even as a healer I feel like my heal isn't strong enought for class which deal very low dmg and takes a lot more time compare to other classes


    I don't like the way of making class one path only - in this case healer/support only way

    Why rewards are same like this one we did have idk, month ago ;d? Two months?

    We need pvp/e legendary Stones. Fighting Spirits Fragments , etc.

    we need a real events

    Because this event was planned when Hero Trials were working.

    So it doesn't mean they can't change rewards or make it more viable to people

    Gear progression is fine... i mean cashers or people with multiple veteran accounts will always stay way ahead from you but compared to 5.0 - 5.8 it´s way better. You just have to decide between a few things to make your progess: Do you go the hard way on getting garrison gear or do you mix your set with proc craft set, prometun gear(armor, bracelet, wings, feather) and maybe boots from garrison? There are actually ways to progress faster but it needs rethinking on what your targets are and maybe rethinking your playstyle. Gear progression was way worse at 5.0 - 5.8 since it was a true casher paradise and people enchanted their accessoires to the sky so free to play or even veterans couldn´t do anything to them because you barely do damage on many overgeared players.

    I have to disagree. Progression in 6.X is really bad - 3 tier of set. Especially without good events from launch 6.2 and drop of legendary pvp stones literallynear 0(available only on siege which are laggy as...and bundle withstones where entries got nerfed = less bags. Ppl with few account 80/80 have way easier than others. RIght now you just do nothing to enemy with ultimate gear(damage under 1000) while your damage taken is insane

    Sure, but it should be done in 8 months. It doesn't take a months to increase availibity of enchantment stones, spirit fragments etc. Gameforge can't handle this stuff for months, so do not say "be patience" because we know how it looks like. U just gathered same and same feedback from start 6.2 and nothing changed. Missing transformation contract, enchantments, manastones, expensive morph recipes, daevanion skills and much more. In one year another merge is coming. Why? Simple, making this same things every patch - p2w events, ignoring players feedback even if you report it, changes which takes half year or more to be applied iname etc.

    After 7 months or more u didn't even consider any of our feedback. Maybe you read what we type here but still we have crap rewards in every event. Don't mention p2w events or promotion - events to whales. People share their expectation on rewards over months and nothing happend. It disappear in ether. And Fire temple is next crappy event without fine rewards

    Keep going this way...good luck

    EDIT: Forget to mention something. If you have prepared event for next 2 months it's not a problem to change reward for better/needed items

    I don't see these HT tasks rewarding when they release them, considering to rewards from previous events like legendary lydium or 5 slot stone. Patch 6.2 is live for 5 months and people still strugling with lack of ancient transformations, deavanion skills, enchantment pvp and pve stones, manastones or equipment, when you have 50/50 to drop ultimate part from boss. If we go further, 6.5 is coming with transformation collection, legendary and ultimate manastones and new deavanion skills with possibility to upgrade them, so the gap will be even worse. For now, we had maybe 2-3 good events and rest was thrash or it was promo. Needed items to improve your character are barely to get or prices are too high in broker