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    Again I believe there is such a thing as context. You can use perfectly innocent words to insult or belittle someone and incite hate. And you can use supposedly 'bad' words to have a perfectly normal debate.

    As for the joke part. Sometimes one of the best ways to get over something is humor. But ofcourse to each their own. Dark humor is amongst my favourite.

    And kind of a food for thought example. If you call your not fat friend - fat he or she will not likely be offended which likely wont be true for someone battling obesity. So again context.

    When the notion of "subhuman" isn't a good one, it can be seen as a joke in Aion context (on a SM, for example, since many people hate them, and could consider then as "low human" as they only have to fear/silence/bind/dot/fear again).

    Can? Sure.

    Should? No.

    It would be nice if you can offer some explanation. This is an utterly useless response since you dont explain anything but just assert something that you believe as the basic truth.

    I am all for a ban. Knowingly or not googling this 2 sec gives u an easy explanation why your name is an issue.

    I personally would even go a step further. Make the people pay for the Namechange. Would eventually fix all this "edgy" and very very troublesome nicknames and makes them less of an issue.

    I dare you to write a foolproof document which defines troublesome, edgy and acceptable usernames. Many companies would appreciate you for doing it, but IT MUST COVER EVERY POSSIBLE NAME. No room for questions, every name should be defined by the document.



    i mean why not go a step further and make a program which automatically accepts or denies any username. A bonus or a more complete version would also give an explanation on why the name is not 'acceptable'.

    I'm gonna go ahead and guess you're from germany. The reason why is i have never before seen or even thought about the translation of my name it was innocent when it was created and I dont speak german so the connection for me was never there. It was shocking to say the least that somebody connected my name with hitler or nazis.

    Doesn't matter.

    There is plenty of names/words that slip through.

    In the end, you agreed to the TOS, so you agreed to not have a harmful name, even if done unknowingly. It falls on to you to make sure you don't have a name that warrants a ban.

    Yeah i've read the ToS which states that you are not entitled to a name. About making sure that you dont have a name that warrants a bann tho - It is completely arbitrary what warrants and what doesnt warrant a ban you cant make a foolproof document on every possible case of 'what is an ok name' (please prove me wrong) hence the rule 'you are not entitled to a name' it is only logical.

    1. You obviously don't know my options.

    2. How would a man take it ? (is it just me or is that a sexist remark ?)

    3. I had never googled the word underhuman before this whole situation

    You know the context behind picking this name, thousands (or more like hundreds) of players who see it in game don't.

    If you need to provide context to claim the name is not "bad word" then you probably shouldn't be using it in place where you have no way of providing such context, like in the username.

    It's silly how you unintentionally offended other players, but keep presenting it as if it was their fault for getting offended, because you didn't meant anything like that. You didn't knew, that's fine, but now that you know, just get over it.

    I guess i missed you with my point since my point was that bad and good come from context and that there are no ''bad'' words and ''good'' words.

    I also did not assign any blame to anyone for being offended, I have gotten over it and my ingame name is changed. You on the other hand seem quite upset about it where I do not exactly know what your ''it'' that you're upset about is.

    The point of the thread is a suggestion on managing the inappropriate names and i did just that in the original post (the idea is not mine originally but i liked it). The second post was an answer to clarify some things.

    Depends and can´t be answered overall. Accounts with names in connection to a racist, fascist or inhumane background should be banned instantly and permanently, names whoch are inappropriate, but don´t harm humans could be just taken out and replaced by random names.

    "Underhuman" is btw. a name where I would ban the account for example.

    I'm gonna go ahead and guess you're from germany. The reason why is i have never before seen or even thought about the translation of my name it was innocent when it was created and I dont speak german so the connection for me was never there. It was shocking to say the least that somebody connected my name with hitler or nazis.

    That being said to me it would be funny even if someone was named hitler ingame and i could defeat them or vice versa. The problem to me is when someone named like that starts rallying people to be racist or starts promoting hate or hate crimes. For me bad words do not exist it is the context and their purpose when used that makes the thing 'evil'. When i have kids i wont let them go around saying cursive words but i do not want to teach them they are bad words what i want to teach them is how they could be understood by others and why and also when it is not appropriate to use some words and why not.

    A simple word 'dense' or 'density' for example means in physics how much mass per unit of volume something has. Innocent word. It can be used tho to bellitle someone or purposefully insult them beacuse it can also mean someone is stupid if used in that kind of context. So in my opinion context is everything and bad words do not exist.

    I suggest that instead of banning people if you deem their name inappropriate you automatically change their name into something randomly generated and then send them a message to turn to support to work out a gameforge worthy or approved character name.

    The biggest annoyance is the really slow comminication from support since the ticket system places you on the back of the queue when you reply to their reply and i have been banned beacuse of a character name for 7 days counting since i cannot ''quickly'' check if they deem my new name 'ok'. The support replies once a day and some days not even one reply, even if it is not the weekend.

    looks like the bann will persist trough the weekend, thanks for not leting me play even tho i have purchased siels and have still not gotten a response on which part of ToS and game rules i have violated xD. I've asked for that on monday or tuesday and was swiftly ignored. :)

    That seems an elegant solution - the automatic name change and a ticket. Tho if there isn't a system in place to check for what gameforge considers a 'bad name' then the process can end up repeating. So automatic name change seems like a perfect solution and you could still talk to support to change it into something you can both agree on.

    Bann going on for the 5th day now :). Support gives like 1 answer a day :)

    Probably shoould have chosen a bot name like: kisdrg - this would mean I would never get banned :D:D:D

    I was told this yesterday on discord by people. I have never before heard the connection. I guess i was banned beacuse of this.

    However hitler did not coin this term in english and hitler was NEVER EVER connected with my name. I have never supported the insane nazi ideology or shared any kind of propaganda about it... Words get their power trough context this is what gives them meaning. There are no bad words only bad intentions to using them.. As has happened yesterday in what i wanted to be a disccusion about the name ''underhuman'' a perfect example had happened - someone said my name is a slur and then used the word ''dense'' to try to humilliate and belittle me which i think shows that very ordinary words can be used to spread hate. Also the name never had a bad intention and i have been using it for more than 10 years on accounts at companies like google, blizzard, riot games and others.. This is the first time someone has pointed the german translation out to me - i guess it is really more about what occupies your mind and what you focus on sometimes.. You can prove almost anything if you try hard enough - like im a bad person for using this name.. But there are also facts about me never even knowing about its translated version and me never ever disccusing nazi stuff connected with it.

    The name and its origin is really inocent i was playing Aion like 12 years ago and named myself overhuman - i really sucked in the game and someone jokingly said i should be named underhuman. I instantly went to char selection and created a new character Underhuman and the name stayed with me trough all my accounts for gaming ever since.

    well if support guys aren't working the afternoons 1 workday has passed and still banned without reason xD


    I did a couple of minutes ago recieve the reason of bann. It is supposedly the name ''underhuman'' i sincerely hope i can get a thorough explanation of how exactly this violates TOS and game rules. I would also like to add that the name is okay according to companies such as blizzard, google, riot games and others. I have been using it for over 10 years and not a single soul has ever told me it was inaproppriate i really hope i can keep or atleast get a chance to deffend my stance on it.

    I've been banned without reason yesterday. Have not done anything illegal to my knowledge. It seems a good idea to let people know why they are banned... but maybe that's just me. Also how long does support take to answer a ticket about this ? (dont know how its possible this is not automated in 2023)