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    Its been a few weeks of 2.0 patch and i believe everyone is enjoying it, or at least i hope.

    I cant speak for everyone but im getting overwelmed with amount of unnecessery daily quests, and i spoke to many many many players about this, about 90% of them agrees that is too much time consuming and to repetitve to the point you loose intrest to the entire game, because if you dont do them - you have a lot slower progress.

    We have daily and weekly Radiant pvp quests + fourtuneers weekly which are fine.

    We have daily Siltera PVP which i personally skip cause its to much time consuming, sometimes you need 30+ minutes to find players.

    We have daily 2 quest inggison and daily 2 quest Gelk Azure medal quests which are the main problem of this topic.
    My best time to solve all 4 quests is about 25 minutes, but nobody else was camping the mobs, so it was not hard.

    But otherwise, we have at least 2-4 groups on each of the quest at the same time, double that after reset, so most of the time you actually need an hour for those 4 quests- if you have a group ready and asmo/ely are not bothering you, and in that case, sometimes you cant do the quest at all because the Ely/Asmo are camping the fort.
    Then you have chantra dredgion and Tiark which should be a priority to everyone, and they give clean 25k AP if you win + quests. But it takes time searching for a group, queue which takes 5-15 minutes for both and then 40-60 minutes for the both run in total in average.
    If we include siedges that are 3 times a week in 7pm and 10 pm and that you time your runs to not collide with those times, you get a lot of dry afking waiting for something to start.
    We are already talking about 30-60 minutes for daily Radiant + daily Siltera ; 30-60 minutes for daily Medals ; 50-70 minutes for searching a group + playing Dred+ Tiark ; 30-60 minutes on siedge days for 2 siedges.
    That is 110 - 190 minutes without siedges and 140 -250 minutes on siedge days DAILY!!!!
    If you want to do LUT/UT and/or BT daily or both, we are talking about 60-150 minutes daily

    And there is no sell runs with alt char included, no farming, no crafting.....

    Gameforge are you kidding me? You players base are not young people anymore, 60% + people have jobs and things to do outside game, this daily chore madness needs to end, we have 1 player a week quiting only from our guild because they have no time to play, and that will continue.


    For starters, the solution is to shorten the queue times for dred/tiark, if there is no asmo/ely on the other side, let ely vs ely fight and vise-versa, i dont care, queue times are insane.
    Second thing, combine daily medal quests from 2 to 1 that include both rewards, quest is random so everyone is not doing the same one.
    The game will go to hell because players will burn out in the next month or two.

    Now, i know this was pointless because they wont listen to me, they dont play the game and clearly dont understand/dont want to understand the problems, im just here to give suggestions on how to improve.
    Please share your oppionion on this.