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    No they don't. You actually contradict yourself in the same sentence.

    Loot is hard-capped and 7 out of 10 times you don't get loot. Also it's not possible to farm 90 duamonds in 1 hour even with 100% drop rate and 100% activity from the whole elyos faction. At best you can get 30~ which in itself is unreal because reality is only a small percentage of the present elyos get to loot.

    Oh and also it's not contribution based, it doesn't matter how much damage you deal. If you get rolled onto the loot table by RNG when the boss dies you loot it. If you don't get into the loot table due to bad hidden RNG roll you won't loot it due to overcapping it's loot table.

    Your league dps doesn't matter, your alliance and group dps doesn't matter.

    by getting between 20 to 27 bags an hour myself without a 100% rate, Mika estimate seems pretty possible to me. now at noon i got 21 by missing about 8 which is pretty close to 90 duamonds (if i had a 100% rate).

    Always funny to see how ppl defend bugs as long as it is to their benefit. :D

    Benefit? Is it our fault that the elyos left the area after 2 "fights"? Don't think so.

    Ofc, it would be easier if there were 2 boss spawns at the same time so that each faction can farm 1, but it's still a pvpve game, so i don't see any probs here. Good event, with enough possibilities to farm the items to gain dumamonds. RNG will always be part of events.

    And trust me, i'm the last person defending Guguforge ;)

    your explanation has nothing to do with whether it is a bug or not. you dont have to justify yourself towards me anyway, i just like to point out bs and contradictions when i see those. keep playing like you want to, all fine.

    well i did not complain yet i can totally relate to it. both p2w and f2p events are just poorly designed.

    one can run the event on six toons and get nothing or on one and get everything. it is all primarily luck based and only secondarily effort based. also adding more daily chores is not really enjoyable.

    habe das event noch nicht wirklich anspielen können, doch von der aufgabe alleine lohnt sich die pvp aufgabe doch nur einmal, da man dessen belohnung nur für die verbuggte aufgabe verwenden kann und diese ist nicht wiederholbar.

    hat die belohnung der pvp aufgabe noch einen anderen nutzen, welchen ich übersehen habe?

    die union, welche am meisten schaden am wächter macht. das wäre naheliegenderweise diejenige, welche die festung erobert, aber nicht zwingend.

    also ingame steht es bei meinen 20 minuten tränken effektiv auch so (in der englischen version). da die tränke jedoch auch von nicht event-quellen stammen, bezweifle ich stark, dass diese entfernt werden.

    (by the way the granker equipment chests drops ultimate noble splen hauberk magic attack armour pieces but I have not seen them drop an equivalent noble physical attack piece)

    That doesn't mean they don't exist but none have been listed on the auction house yet.

    as far as i know the quipment from those granker equipment chest matches your class. i only get physical pieces out of it on my physical and only magical on my magical.

    Then please play more and stop posting your bs, which everytime gets proven to be just that.

    Your posts says granker does not drop PVP stones when ancient maps do, so who is bs ing? at least apologize please ;)

    what are you talking about?

    chests include the open world drops.

    he probably got a [Rune] stone out of it.

    yes, he was told that before, in the other topic he brought it up. kinda contradicts his stone not dropping anymore theory.

    anyway, i am out of here, no sense in discussing this any further.

    @Xeon: by the way, ancient granker chests drop legendary contracts. if you played the game you would know.

    players keep telling you for months that those stones still drop

    I used to get at least a couple each week, I have asked Galeas twice on the forums without reply, please provide a link specific to ultimate PVP enchant stone 7.2 open world drops please.

    no problem.. there you go. it kinda is the reply you said to never have gotten..

    and yes, i still get those stones dropped, like i told you before.

    This has been preparing weeks for this since they nerfed ultimate stone drops.

    They quietly take away what is needed in-game contrary to listening to their community which they claim, they now do the opposite.

    What nerf are you talking about? The loot nerf from 7.2 was reversed. there is no other modification to my knowledge.

    ah, we are back to conspiracies

    Are you saying ultimate PVP stones still drop in OW?

    Without wishing to offend you, posters should play the game more because sometimes that's the only way you will know something.

    it is alright, you are not offending me. however, players keep telling you for months that those stones still drop, yet you resist to believe it until you will get one yourself. same as with the leg contract which you did not believe in until you got one.