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    i am aware of the contradictions, this is not the only one in fact and not the first time it is brought up. yet everytime people try to clarify such topics it fails due to the paradox that the support refers to the forum and the forum moderators refer to the support and delete provided support information.

    i just go with this one. but the support also had me choose between accounts to be deactivated in the past claiming multiple accounts were against their tos.

    you are missing some minor sources like legion bags, radiant tokens, daily reward bags, abyssal splinter quest, divine deity, deathly chamber, arena and simply pvp. these all can sum up to a nice weekly addition. also the daeva pass kinda carries itself by now (just sell the mana and enchantment stones for quna again).

    while it feels tedious i have no issue with the abyss point gain and i always felt the 50% on na was too much.

    Philine, what's your main reason(s) to hide gear? I never really understood what was the main reason for "hide detail" option. To somehow prevent preparing for pvp arena against same faction? If people obey the rules, what's wrong about their gear being visible? What drastic change would we see if hiding gear feature was completely disabled?

    Hey there, well there are two questions here, so I shall reply separately.

    Philine, what's your main reason(s) to hide gear?

    It depends on the context. While I do not mind my own race checking my gear and I understand that people I apply to want to check out my gear, it takes away part of the surprise in encounters like dredgion/tiark/arena. For me it is part of the excitement not knowing how my opponents are geared as well as them not knowing my/our gear. But also, checking gear in the game while standing besides a character is not the same as having my gear published on a third party website.

    What drastic change would we see if hiding gear feature was completely disabled?

    None for me. Except that people in the aforementioned encounters would not be unable to check mine and I theirs. Ultimately, exactly what I wish for.

    People writing that baddies just can not admit to being baddies is the same as writing that they just can not admit that it is an ego meter for them. Both are valid opinions and neither matters to me. I respect people hiding their gear and it is not up to me to judge their decision. Everyone can level a new character and buy a full Stormwing set in a week by spending a few bucks by now.

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    Philine you missing the proper stand. Those meters contributes greatly for the community.

    Continue to ask for more restrictions and some features would only be available on forbidden and private software. Advantages, like the one you said, would only benefit to people with suspicious behavior.

    Hey there.

    Mayhap I was not clear about my stance there. Like I wrote, I use the tool myself, since years. Well, it used to be Rainmeter before. But the whole MyAion developed into something that is far more than a dps meter and I am not certain it is still covered by the additional ToS. Atleast the support keeps telling me the use of it is bannable. People writing that MyAion does not augment/improve the gaming experience are just silly. None would use it if that was the case.

    Like I wrote before, you can also abuse features of the meter as exploit. Like always opening the correct chest out of three random ones. There is no real point the meter needs to display that id to the user. Sometimes less is more.

    Aion is flawed with technical issues and NC will not fix them, we all know that. But if the meter can do it..

    In my opinion it is not up to MyAion to decide what is an issue or a flaw in the game and offer an alternative. It is like saying the attack speed is too low and any programmer can create a tool to fix it (using your words).

    It is also not the job of MyAion pretending to solve the social aspects. It rather creates two parties (i like it / i do not like it). Having a tool to display ones damage and to improve ones rotation is fine by me and all a damage meter should provide. The rest is just not part of its scope anymore. I understand why people did it and why they like it. It feels just wrong to me.


    My intentions are not to forbid anyone using the tool. It just like the project got way out of hand and I wanted to state my concerns. Fare with them as you will.

    AionRetailFanGirl99: I doubt that I am allowed to explain it here publicly. Yet, I know various people that installed the meter just for that non augmenting feature.

    Sirkka: I thought about what you wrote and you are mostly correct. If you limit the statments on those phrases and combined with iduks information, my issue with that is resolved. However, I still think it should work with opt-in instead of opt-out, as I wrote originally.

    There is no game augmentation whatsoever by using dps meter.

    @Sirkka: Yeah, I can see your points and I can not disagree with you on most of them. Just, the game offers the option to hide details. Why is it up to MyAion to know better?

    15TAN: Sorry, you are too emotional to write with. I get that you love the metre. So do I. But I also see that it offers functions which are obivously not meant to be in the game.

    How about getting a sure Platinum Medal from Crucible Challenge because one can see the boxes id? Surely feels like an unintended augmenting game feature to me.

    It's the first game I know that purposely hide content that actually exists. Currently I speak to all NPC of all cities, and do it again after several levels. That's a terrible experience.

    How about an option to hide them or not?

    not really a fix, but i used to use Angels quest export to find quests. it gets you a file which can be opened and after filtered in excel.

    While I do not mind the core mechanic of the DPS Meter, there are a few ones that I dislike. Mainly the mechanics which are not about damage and such which are basically just data mining, mostly provided for MyAion. To elaborate on a specific few:

    Name tracking

    This mechanic usually gets justified by tracking scammers. However, changing names is a feature of the game and while it is possible ingame to keep track of name changes to some extend, MyAion goes too far. There are various reasons to change names and DPS Meter as well as MyAion should not play detective on it more than the game itself does.

    opt-in / opt-out

    MyAion keeps track of players data, whether they want to or not. For example players without the DPS Meter get their gear published by players who are using it. Yet to opt-out of it one has to use that said tool. It should be the opposite. Players that use it should get their gear published, since that is what they want, and the rest should not.

    ToS violations

    MyAion and DPS Meter violate various sections of the ToS (privacy, data mining, augmenting the game experience and so on). Since those are debateable I am not going into this topic deeply, but the questions remain: the ADDITIONAL GAME RULES tolerate DPS Meters, but is this still just a DPS Meter? does the exception also include MyAion as a service that publishes, analyses, stores and accesses ingame mined data outside the games scope?


    The core mechanic to compare rotations and improve oneself is great. However, I dislike that MyAion automatically involves players that did not explicitly consent and forces itself upon them passively. It developed into something like a webcrawler mining data.

    • Is it really the job of DPS Meter and MyAion to play detective upon players name changes?
    • Is it really the job of MyAion to provide MA-Checks?
    • Is it really the job of MyAion to publish character information from everyone in range, whether they want to participate or not?
    • Is it really the job of a DPS Meter to label players as cheaters?
    • Is it really the job of MyAion to display and log each Dredgion/Tiak/Arena encounter, just because maybe one of all participants has that DPS Meter running?
    • Is this still just a DPS Meter or more the mean to uphold MyAion?

    Certainly the opinions on this subject differ, but for me this just goes too far and is not about the core mechanic of a DPS Meter anymore.


    MyAion refers to the website and discord publishing and accessing mined data.

    DPS Meter refers to the tool providing such data.

    i remember discussions on the board and discord vividly where players asked/begged gameforge to not make leveling and ap gain too easy to more resemble the classic experience.

    while the shitty drop rate and the npc prices are a different topic, for me the 150% ap gain on na which also included relics, dredgion and tiark was a mistake.