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    Do you think gameforge will notice that the forum is now mostly filled with red flags of players about to quit?

    if this poll is any indication around this time, we're talking about 66% unhappy customers.

    i read the opinions from the same twenty players on this forum and that is it. compared to the hundreds of players it has no relevance. if just for one day all players would come on the board and state their opinion, like thousands of them, the impact could be there.

    still makes it technically easier for elyos. rifts are limited and timed. but asmodians on the other hand were never bothered by having earlier access to balaurs in beluslan and reshanta before.

    i think both factions are balanced enough. usually you notice the enemy rifters more because they annoy you and are a big red dots on the map. when i go rift in beluslan there are also elyos everywhere. gameforge should stick to their patchnotes and allow those rift free days for leveling/gathering players.

    only earlier patches in ff14 are free content. later endgame is locked. in aion the whole content is free for one hour a day.

    i keep wondering what you lot would prefer:

    1. no free time at all and call the game pay-to-play
    2. call the game 1h-free-to-play-a-day so your semantics are corrected
    3. make the game free-to-play for the first two maps of a race and pay-to-play for the rest (like ff14)
    • players that want 50e so badly need the gear advantage
    • players that cry for abyss instances and more dredgions are afraid to lose ap in open world and dont really need ap gear
    • players that grind guards ten hours a day for ap are pve players / future gankers
    • sr gear vs sr gear is as fair as 50e vs 50e
    • stay twinks that farm leveling players are lame, unskilled and carried by gear

    unpopular opinion, but still my few cents about that ap gaining debate.

    let us assume that channel 2 is global.

    what would stop players from still posting their trade messages in channel 3 because most people unchecked channel 2? if you only want to use channel 3 for its original purpose, just disable it an use the group finding window.

    ich stimme zu, dass dies toll wäre.

    was hindert dich daran, auf tahabata mit deinen freunden zu spielen? eine bis zwei wochen spielzeit mögen dir jetzt vielleicht lange vorkommen oder ein daeva pass teuer, aber hochgerechnet auf ein jahr bis die server gemergt oder transfers ermöglicht werden, ist es relativ kurz. da macht es doch viel mehr spass einfach auf tahabata mit deinen freunden neu zu beginnen und spass zu haben. zumindest war es bei mir so. je länger du wartest desto weiter lebt ihr euch auseinander.

    Quote from Protecc

    Its not the players fault for "being too soft" or "wanting too much" that is absurd self-righteous statement. Not to mention leveling in Aion SUX and its boring af, idk why people wanna spend more than 1 hour in Verteron, I was ready to cut wrists at that part...

    how silly is that?

    let us play a game we do not like. let us play a korean grinder while we do not like grinding. now, we do not like the game because it is too grindy. it is boring af and none likes to spend more than one hour in verteron. instead of choosing another game, since this is clearly not the game we enjoy, we ruin the game for everyone else and claim that none could impossibly enjoy it.

    way to go..

    i think the siels favour is fine.

    the rest i am having issues with. the deava pass should be an additional 5€ or not exist at all. wardrobe slots should be free or be bought with kinah like cube and warehouse expensions. the skins on the shop should not cost more than 2€ each. while you can buy alot using kinah via broker and gifting, it just feels way overpriced and greedy.

    also i disapprove of those different currencies ingame (coins and quna). just let me pay up straight for what i want without some annoying voucher/currency system. that is just a common baiting method.

    we did not launch with 1.5.