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    Hello guys,

    sometimes im facing the issue that the client bugs and every action is delayed. There is a delay between every skill, every move, every NPC interaction, every Chat Usage and so on.

    After a client restart it works again. Disconnecting and reconnecting the network doesn't help.

    Meanwhile im having an avg ping of 25ms ( 19-31) and about 110 fps. If it was an fps issue the problem would always be there.

    I already tried repairing and reinstalling the client.

    Does anybody have a solution or is facing the same issue?

    Its hard to play an assasin like that.

    Hello people,

    The new Legion named Anbu is looking for members.

    English is the main language, so it doesnt matter if you are from FR/GER/PL/ES/CH or whatever.

    We use Discord for communication.

    The focus is PvP meaning, we optimize Dredgion and Tiarkh runs but also the duelling mechanics.
    Still many people don't know how to cover CC spells, how to outplay shock remove, how to outplay buffs or how to open a fight.

    We can teach that of course for those who are Pvp interested but not experienced.

    PvP Focus doesn't mean that we ignore PVE. PVE is essentially to get Gear/Kinah so we run instances of course.

    :!:You can reach me here or Mail/Whisper me ingame "Hatake" if you are interested.:!:

    :?:What is Anbu:?:

    Anbu is the elite unit in the Anime Naruto. The Anbu Black Ops are specialised for high ranked spying missions or eliminating special enemies. After finishing their mission they dissappear just as fast as they appeared.

    Everyone has a Codename and the real name is hidden. They even wear masks to hide their idendity.

    Sorry Gameforge, aber was habt bitte für eine Art, solche Dinge zu kommunizieren?
    Als IT Systemadministrator / Engineer kann ich nur den Kopf schütteln.

    Die Zeit, aber auch die Art der Komunikation ist so unfassbar schlecht. Wenigstens ein Announcement im Launcher wäre gut.
    Und wegen einer be... Quest Marker anzeige einen Hotfix während der Dred Zeiten zu fahren ist ja mal ganz schlau.