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    I do not have any data regarding the number of players queuing in different ways. However, queue times would not be affected unless a disproportionately large number of people per faction were queuing for one mode over another. Generally speaking, this scenario seems unlikely, even without specific statistics. It would likely have no noticeable effect, but I could be mistaken.

    If anything, these queues would be influenced by faction populations. Still, there's no reason to assume that queue times would slow down due to an anomaly where people disproportionately queue for different party types within each faction. Since you only need 6 people for a party, this isn't a significant issue. However, if parties were larger, say 24 people, this could potentially pose a more noticeable problem.

    Regarding wanting to queue up with 5 people, this is self-explanatory.

    If you choose to group queue, the quick apply feature will still be available. This feature fills all empty slots in any type of party (as it does now). Alternatively, you can find the last member from the LFG feature.

    i don't think the game have enough population for that + there still are some somewhat low gear groups on lfg, if they would be always matched with "geared" premades it would just be decouraging to organize groups

    Could you elaborate how population would affect this solution? Do you think this would stop people from queuing group or soloq for Dredgion/Thiarkh?

    Sometimes there are indeed lower geared groups on LFG and they are the proof that grouping up with low geared players will not be a noticeable increase of positive experience doing a pvpve instance. However, it does prevent bad comps from being formed. Such as having 4 chains or what not.

    It would still be more optimal for geared groups to form a group and face another group instead of having the setup of gear premade vs people that got grouped in random comp and more likely to have worse gear.

    Or a really crazy Idea:

    Search for a group?

    Take the time to either recruit or join a party. Dont be undergeared. It´s a PVP Instance that requires PVP Gear

    Undergeared people grouping up vs geared premades does not solve this imbalance noticeably more than randoms queuing vs premades as you won't get accepted into geared groups.

    'Dont be undergeared.' - that's gotta be ironic. You need AP to get pvp gear.

    The game will always be gear dependent. However, matchmaking having absolutely no limitations for premades vs solo would be a fundamental flaw for any pvp based game.

    That being said, I have asked streamers and not even one had disagreed that it is not enjoyable for them to stomp undergeared players in dredg as it ends up just being a pve instance as opposed to an enjoyable pvpve experience.

    However, one could make an argument of unskilled player with good gear being unhappy about being matched against geared groups that play better as opposed to the chance of getting more free wins vs randoms.

    The issue of matchmaking imbalance has existed in Dredg for as long as I can remember.

    In a game so gear dependent, it seems only logical that players queuing as solo individuals should not be matched against premade groups which in majority of the cases will be higher geared players.

    This situation places players who are either new or less equipped at a huge disadvantage, making their participation in a daily activity more frustrating than enjoyable. This is not sustainable.

    Consequently, also the geared ones forming groups, will not have anywhere close to entertaining experience just steamrolling through unorganized groups.

    To be fair, out of all the games/mmorpgs I have played, there is yet to be seen more uninspiring matchmaking experience for a pvpve instance.

    Suggestion: implement a system where groups exclusively match against other groups, while solo players match with other players that have queued solo.

    This would contribute to more fair and balanced gameplay experience for all involved.

    We could also consider matchmaking based on gear score or some kind of MMR, but I find it improbable to be able to be implemented. We could also consider equalized gear, but that would also be far fetched.