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    I think it was in 2.5, that a similar system like in DP was added to Besch.

    So you can get lucky and craft your weapon

    But thats again an expensive RNG craft - like taha.
    All that stupid RNG is really annoying - koreans must be absolut convinced gamblers with all that RNG stuff in every korean mmorpg (imo the top reason they all fail in the western markets)

    Drops are not something we can change on our own. I can't give the details but things have been done already, although they might not have been enough

    Vendor price nerf is not a EU thing. Prices were reduced by the time KR was in 2.4 and since we're using this patch with gated content for our custom version, we have the official prices for 2.4

    What you guys always forget to mention is that KR is optimized for pay2win.
    That stuff was removed from the game only in OUR version - so please don't play the game "We can't change anything - it's korea that does everything" when you clearly have an influence.

    Even not-so-smart people should come to the conclusion that when you remove the pay2win items, you should revert any changes that were made solely to incentivize pay2win purchases.

    Hi Gameforge,

    could you please explain why you limit Tiarkh to a 2 hour timeframe?

    One can enter Arena for 12 hours for some lousy ap.

    One can enter Dredg 6 hours for medium ap

    BUT why one can enter tiarkh only for 2 hours? And just before raid? Because it would give us the highest amount of ap?

    Is this to troll us people?

    Or arent you even allowed to change the timeframe of an instance? - lol

    So stupid ...

    has there ever been an official statement that the low drop rate is supposed to fight bots?

    never, that's just people's assumptions

    Maybe they never said it here, but they said it in KR.
    And it WAS changed: just read here
    Aion | Aion Classic Producer's Letter (

    And just look at their events in NA and compare it to our lousy events in EU

    But maybe now they want to sell stuff like this: Aion | Manastone Pass (

    Thats why the drops are nerfed - to sell more stuff!

    Are you kidding us?

    If you "really" read the NA forums and patch notes, you would have noticed that NA had a custom drop since the Korean version is unsuitable for the western version (that was a producer's comment).

    They just "forgot" to re-enable this customization in the new patch too - That seems to be the usual incompetence of NCSoft.

    And whoever thinks lowering drop rates against bots will help, also believes in Santa Claus.

    Aion KR is strong pay2win - that's why the drops have been reduced.

    Try Aion NA - there you can trade Kinah and all sorts of drops with Daeva coins via a separate ingame marketplace.

    Conclusion: NCSoft wants to have bots in the game that pay Siel's energy and then sell the Kinah farmed to the players for Daeva coins. It's a perfect win-win situation for NCSoft if the players are stupid enough not to realize they get scammed hard.

    I have no idea why Gameforge doesn't notice such things. Actually, that can only mean that all employees have absolutely no idea about Aion or they plan to implement the same things in a mid-term sight.

    20:00 - 22:00 is the best time for most players

    You are absolutely right.

    But all these players would not be affected in any way by extending the time frame for entering the new pvp instance "Tiak" to 20:00-00:00.

    However, it would have the effect of giving players like me and Angel a chance to enter as well.

    That's what I call a "win-win" situation, but Gameforge will probably not care about the topic at all. Well, then I'll just be more and more left behind. This makes it easy to quit and play something else ;-)


    I watched the live stream and am really looking forward to the 2.0 update.

    One of the highlights is certainly the PvP instance "Tiak", which is completely new in Aion.

    But then the big disappointment: According to the live stream, you can only enter it daily from 20:00 to 22:00.

    Players like me, who usually only have time at around 22:00, rarely have the chance to enter the new instance :-(

    I can totally understand that cross-faction things like Sieges need a strictly fixed time, but why a 6 player instance like Tiak?

    Dredgion can be done 3 different times a day, both arenas for 13 hours over the day, only this completely new instance is cut like this?

    From 22:00 to 00:00 is still a free time frame. Would it be possible to allow entry into Tiak from 20:00 to 00:00? Or either establish a second time frame from 16:00 to 18:00?

    Drestam Can you forward and discuss this please?