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    It seems like the aion classic took a wrong turn somewhere and continues to move, someone help him!!!!

    Craft, drop, store, ap, events - I'm becoming more and more disappointed...

    I’m increasingly thinking about returning to TESO or FF14.

    Guys, tell me, are we so unlucky or after servicing the servers, the kinahs from the box in the udas became 2 times less? Last week, only once was the amount 1.1 + kk, mostly 2 + kk.

    This week, leaving almost all attempts, only 1 time was more than 1k, mostly 900k.

    Is this a hidden weakening of prey or is it all the same bad luck ?!

    If I'm not mistaken, it must have been an anti-bot system. After a certain number of complaints, he had to appear and do something with the bot ... It's not clear how it works now and whether it works at all.

    Is a trash server man . 80-90% people Buy Kinah ,Buy AP, Use Bot , Use Hack , ...

    Perhaps many, but not all, many also play for themselves, and not for imaginary peaks, hoping to be remembered by someone.

    The bots don't suffer much from the drop reduction, it hurts the normal players more. Bots can only be affected by the complete shutdown of the drop, but then .....

    buy it from broker like we all did or live with it not to have it

    Sage's Wisdom I and Fear Shriek I the price ranges from 8-10kk to 30+kk, except for asmoside tahabaty, however, there the supply greatly exceeds demand, therefore the price is much lower than other sides. Not everyone has that amount of money, and not everyone buys them for real money....

    Okay. Unfortunately, I can't prove it to you now, I just advise you - if you want to know the limit, collect a lot of things and try to sell ....

    This is an incorrect statement. When it is possible to kill all the named monsters of brusthonin, sales to the store can amount to much more than 2kk, but you can sell for about 1.9-2kk

    A good computer can run up to +- 6 bots.

    NOW its 1.200.000 kinah per bot per day

    AFTER its 2.000.000 kinah per bot per day

    Either I don’t understand you, or we play in a different Aion, today I sold junk for 1.7 + kk NPC, I got a limit. Why do you say that now 1.2kk? We already have a limit somewhere around 2kk ...

    The situation is really strange. If you do not take into account getting kinah by way of trade between players, then no average player can afford to acquire skills in the shortest possible time .... Not everyone can sell NPC junk for 2 million daily.

    - ESO Eintritt nur einmal in der Woche ist ziemlich wenig!

    Wird es den Popokratzaffen in der Eso geben, inklusive der Kiste aus der man das Miol erhalten kann?

    Woher kommen solche Informationen? Wenn Sie aus einem Stream stammen, geben Sie bitte einen temporären сode ein.

    Good afternoon. I have been playing on the server since the start, during this time I have learned a lot of things related to the asmo side. The only thing that remains a mystery to me is how such a rabble got so many tahabata weapons, because the quality of the players tends to a very low indicator - people don’t even know their character’s skills or simply don’t use them ...

    With sieges, the same problem, my experience of the game dates back to 2009, I saw different things, I thought everything, but that was before tahabata. In 3+ months, I have been to many sieges of the top of the abyss, sorry not all of them. And I saw only one timely and correct use of the artifact, on the protection of the asterium, which made it possible to save the fortress. At the siege of the eye, I have never seen them used at all ... Asmodians not only don’t know when to use them, but it seems that they don’t know that it can be done ...

    The Elyos, on the other hand, skillfully practice the use at critical and not only moments, while having a numerical superiority in most cases.

    Ask why I am criticizing and not trying to occupy a niche... - Alas, my spoken English is not as good as I would like. Therefore, we go to the siege in a group of 2-3 people.

    The crowning moment of my disappointment in the asmo side was the moment when I saw the condemnation in the world about the price of the elder staff and the bakarma spear, especially when some representatives very seriously compared the characteristics with 45 gold and said - "What idiot would buy such a weapon, because its characteristics are such bad ......"