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    to Technique:
    You are living in your dream, when you wake up you will find that Siel's energy has long been the in-game currency used for PlayToWin like and all other shop items.

    Only with the current system, scammers get their hands on the gullibility of the players, but if the Siel's energy was made in the form of a game item that can only be sold through an auction, then the scammers would have no chance to deceive other players when selling Siel's energy!

    Hello, I wanted to buy Siel's energy for game currency and I was deceived by the player: he asked me to send him kinah to his character's mail, I sent him kinah, the player said that he had already sent me Siel's energy and that I needed to relog, I did a relog, but don't received Siel's energy, and the "seller"-player left my friends list and exited from the game.

    There are a lot of such deceptions, I demand that the administration pay attention to this blatant horror: demand that the developer make Siel's energy like a game item wich be able sold through an auction in order to prevent scammers from cheating players when buying Siel's energy!

    My thanks to everyone who will help in solving this egregious problem!