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    And a pirated private server without bots, so you need to go to it, such a conclusion?

    right, everyone has to eat shit

    and so maybe it's the admin and he typed it and this is his position, just from someone else's nickname,

    because he says calm down

    And crime and corruption also do not need to be fought, because we cannot defeat it. Everyone steals what's wrong here, well, we can't overcome it, let it all stay like that.

    We all know that the support does never do something.

    The reason you're constantly seeing teleporting "Kantor" bots that are trying to reach level 50 is BECAUSE support bans them.

    They wouldn't need to level up new characters if support didn't do their job.

    You are wrong, the main reason is because they make money from quests. They don't even buy a subscription and they don't have good nicknames. And more cunning bots create beautiful nicknames and already buy a subscription from players in the game for kinah and start bots collecting resources or killing mobs.

    The fact that the bots are different does not mean that they are often banned or the admins work well, they could reach the highest level and then create a new character and start over and get money for quests again. And if there is a whole group of such bots, then this is already more than $100 per day when they reach 40 lvl. Until I reached lvl 40, I chose mostly blue quests, where they gave money as a reward and was able to earn 3-4kk. If bots raise lvl without a subscription, then they earn on quests.

    how poorly admins work you can read here

    I complained about the bot and immediately got a ban, I was tired of seeing a bot that collected air for 3 weeks and everyone didn’t care about it, really for 3 weeks there was no one except me who didn’t notice this and didn’t file a complaint, I made a video, screenshots and could not contact the support service, explained the situation on the forum and got banned and my rights to publish comments were taken away.

    Admins do not work, they do not care about bots, the bot farms for 3 days

    Can't login to the Gameforge support system

    Tell me when you put things in order on the server, the bots are no longer simple, but run with cheats, what awaits us next? Instead of a roadmap 10 years long, it's better to write when there will be protection fixes and the fight against bots is real.

    4 days have passed since the complaint about the bot, no one cares. During this time, the bot managed to earn 30kk

    Do not delete the screenshots, there are no names, I cite them as proof of my words

    How and to whom to write a complaint about the support service, give the contacts of the general director, that the admins from the support service do not professionally do their job?

    Filed a complaint 3 days ago against the bot and zero response, how much longer to wait. During this time, the scammer earned a lot of money and killed the economy of the server. I have a 100% video of how the bot cheats, walks on the textures of the game, makes mini teleports and farms all the time in the same way.

    I have screenshots when I sent my ticket to the support service and a link to a video with a bot, but since it is forbidden to throw screenshots and links here, I can only send a private message.

    Hi, I can't login to the Gameforge support system. Therefore, I will write here, because I can not contact the support service for technical reasons. I want to complain about the bot, for three weeks the bot under the nickname Impovis (Tahabata server) has been collecting ether and no one cares about him. Why do admins work so poorly, I constantly see bots in the chat that spam, others farm mobs. Is it really not possible to appoint a person who will sit in the game and immediately ban them?

    //Do not post names or screenshots of users who might use third party tools - Sparx