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    yes, the game probably has more bots than active players, however, bots never destroyed the economy, in fact, bots usually are good at keeping low prices at raw materials, you don't want to pay 15k kinah for a Minor Armor flux do you? since no player will stay and farm for decades for 20- of those or any other loot materials need it. Yes, that is a real problem, but to say bots destroy the economy is a false positive angle.

    Dear, can you tell me at least 3 successful games using bots and auto fights that have been delayed for at least 5 years? Do you hear yourself talking about what you are writing? When I read what you write, I have thoughts that you are among the participants in the use of bots. This is not a statement, but only a constituent opinion when reading what you write. You write helps the economy and the players, and what do you explain? The fact that the player does not have to grind? Did you know that Grind is the basis of this game? You're talking about available armor, and it wasn't available? Any player who does not have the necessary amount can go and knock out this armor, those who have this amount can afford to buy armor, and with bots, people have no way to buy, no way to knock out, because it will not work because all free mobs are killed by 100500 bots and plus taking the chance on themselves the release of something valuable. Please don't justify the actions superficially if you don't want to go deeper.

    The main online is people who remember and know AION since 2008, because there is a reason in the name there is a prefix "classic" and now imagine 2 models, and I will describe them to you and tell me which model from the presented will interest you more, and so:

    1) You get into the game, the autoboy button appears, you press it and all the content ends there. This also applies to bots that kill the economy, bots are the same autoboy button.

    2) You get into the game and see how someone does something, someone collects something, someone writes something in the chat, acquaintances appear from communication, these acquaintances then form into groups that gather in the dungeon, after you learn that you can equip better, but to do this, you need to grind, then you get the much-desired thing that you have been striving so hard and diligently for...

    People wake up, this is a panacea, a virus, a disease, this is a problem that needs to be fought, eliminated, BOTS are microterrorists who destroy our favorite GAME, we will not give it to them.

    Greetings to everyone, I am sure that this problem is not new, and everyone is interested in eliminating this disease, bot breeding. I see at least 15 bots a day that kill the economy of the game, kill the whole process and the opportunity to play, this road is short and everyone is familiar with the story, it doesn't come to anything good in the end, a sad ending and indignation that you spent on this carefree sad ending.

    I found out today that the complaint button in the game does not work, how is part of the mechanics of the game not fully implemented? I was informed by other players that in order to fix this violation, it is necessary to record a video and contact support. Then why did they leave this button? Is it really impossible to simplify complaints? for what reason are there no GM who could react to this or that situation as quickly as possible?

    I have written a lot, there are also a lot of questions, join the discussion, support, because in a different way I only see the careless end of the proest, as I have not observed it for the first time on other pirates.

    Tell us, is there a struggle? What will you do to improve?