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    Hmm Crafting?
    -Mmm, NO you basically waste your time for little to no profit .

    Stop doing Alchemy and Cooking

    If you wish to make up for teleporting/scroll cost Go for it

    Gathering and Aethertapping is like 5+mil per hour.

    - You may do ALL your week entries , every week and get NOTHING and when you stopped dreaming for Eternal, left only with the hope for at least 1 damn gold....oh well that gold seems to have vanished as well

    LUT duo only by itself gives you more than 10 mil a week.

    Sell your AP-

    If selling AP is the only option that can rise you from the bottom then imagine how bad that server is

    Naming to sell your AP as the "only option" when it's almost as bad as plain mob farming [...]

    Edit Olly : Taunt.

    Drops are not something we can change on our own. I can't give the details but things have been done already, although they might not have been enough

    Vendor price nerf is not a EU thing. Prices were reduced by the time KR was in 2.4 and since we're using this patch with gated content for our custom version, we have the official prices for 2.4

    What you guys always forget to mention is that KR is optimized for pay2win.
    That stuff was removed from the game only in OUR version - so please don't play the game "We can't change anything - it's korea that does everything" when you clearly have an influence.

    Even not-so-smart people should come to the conclusion that when you remove the pay2win items, you should revert any changes that were made solely to incentivize pay2win purchases.

    You're mistaking translation for localization.

    Gameforge only translates and hosts the game. They don't localize it.

    In fact, Aion doesn't have proper localization at all. Only some minor attempts at it.

    Underhuman roughly translates into German as "Untermensch", which is a popular term that followers of Adolf Hitler used to describe jews, homosexuals, disabled people, and so on.

    This term was also used by Hitler himself to describe everyone who isn't Aryan, or is considered racially worthless.

    If there's a reason you got banned because of your character name, this has to be it.

    Yes, you are wrong.

    You're asking for opinions, and opinions can't be neutral.

    Saying that someone has to be part of the group that takes advantage of it is just a way to invalidate someone's opinion and make it fit better into your mindset.

    In reality, my reasoning behind that is as follows:

    The guards are at extremely risky spots. Not only that, they're at choke points surrounded by gate walls that any enemy player can just walk on and freely attack any guard farming groups without them retaliating at all.

    Therefore, killing these NPCs is *extremely* risky, and balancing their values around having to DPS them for a reasonable amount of time and not just get obliterated within seconds is a logical consequence in my book and is a proper piece of enemy design.

    Basically, it's a relatively short, but not unreasonably short, high-risk-high-reward fight that can get you killed very easily by other players. The NPCs are also very sensitive to movement and prone to resetting if the tank only gets pulled a few units away. They CC a lot and bait out many Remove Shock buffs, which makes the farming groups even more vulnerable.

    Any higher health and attack values would result in another piece of dead content because nobody would even consider killing these mobs in the first place, and every option that you can call "not worth doing" is wasted potential gameplay in a game that's already relatively thin content wise.

    So, there you go, a proper explanation as to why I think that the mob values are fitting in my opinion.

    I'd like to return the question and ask you: What's your reasoning behind thinking that these mobs have too low values?

    The only piece of info I can extract from your posts is "I don't like the color of their HP bars".

    Looking forward to your reply.

    The update happens automatically. Your client should already be on game version 2.0.

    The update itself was two weeks ago, and it was rather small because we already had most of the data inside the client.

    You should have no problems advancing to 51.

    Actually, you shouldn't even be able to log into the game if you didn't have the correct game version.

    The "loot nerf" only caused that a major part of the economy is relying on bots instead of players.


    you mean the use of these item? You have to craft it for the Miraju set.

    I don't think he's using the German client, hence why it's kinda pointless to use German equipment names.

    Anyway, the heart of magic is a "failed attempt" at one of the Miragent set pieces.

    Asmos and Elyos are zerging alike.

    You only see one side of the medal, because you've got only one perspective.

    Make an Asmo and level them to 50, then come back and tell us about your relaxed experiences.

    The [...] 24/7 core campers is kinda funny though, I must admit. Sitting there for hours, throwing their lives away. Not for fun, not for personal gain, just for the hope of finding one lone soul that slipped through the 200 other asmos camping the rings at the core entrance, so they can make one person have to get the item at a later time of day. Hilarious.

    Makes me feel much superior seeing them run in circles every time I get my daily item.

    Edit Olly : Disrespect.