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    We knew that sooner or later it would happen, it's true.

    However, every 3 months to have new content, I see it as a rush. 6 months for the patch, I would see it as more "stable", especially for people who can't play every day to update equipment. Especially for workers.

    This is different for kids who can play 24/7.

    We are still working towards providing a more stable environment but we can't stop everything else because of these issues :) We're all doing out best to make Classic a success!

    Well, i appreciate the "effort", but...

    Siel's Energy (3 days)

    Nothing personal against you CM, but this is completely a joke.

    How many more days will we go without protection against new DDoS attacks? And pls, no more scrolls for "stable runs". Thanks...

    Hello, I just read the new compensation for the disconnections suffered last weekend.

    Gameforge rewards us, with:

    • Siel’s Energy (3 days)
    • 270 Qunas
    • 3x [Event] Instance Entry Selection Scroll Bundle
    • 3x Time Activation Stone
    • 3x [Event] Entry Scroll for Dark Poeta


    I don't want to extend much, but is it so complicated to have stable servers?

    Gameforge, people do not want these gifts, they want what happened to not happen again, because it is a real shame.

    This is a completly joke. Leet see:

    1- Why Siel’s Energy (3 days) ???

    Does that mean there will be no new attacks on the future?

    Because "this problem" started last Friday and until Tuesday (today), I keep getting disconnections. I'm sorry, but you don't buy me with 3 days.

    2- 270 Qunas.

    Subtle trick to get people to buy the battle pass, nothing more to add at this point.

    3- More Scrolls... for "Stable Runs"

    3x [Event] Instance Entry Selection Scroll Bundle 3x Time Activation Stone 3x [Event] Entry Scroll for Dark Poeta

    I saw this and it's like...

    I understand that Gameforge takes it for granted, that people only made Dark Poet at the time of disconnections, one attempt per day, when we have been like this for at least five days and there are people who spend and play everything, during their free weekend. Week or on the same day, to give a practical example.

    Does Gameforge play fortune teller?

    How can they take so many things for granted?

    It's funny, to say the least...

    Imagine one day having stable servers, like the rest of the mmorpg on the market... A myth, seen what has been seen.

    I'll end by saying that I love Aion, but I wish NCSOFT never gave you the license years ago. It is a pity.