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    Once upon a time ago , I played a game called Aion which belonged to Ncsoft.The game was difficult interesting and really really fun. Sieges was fun , pvp was fun , everything seemed to conclude to a really good game.Then Ingisson and Gelkmaros patch came....

    For an uknown reason Gameforge decided to publish the EU version of Aion.THE EXACT MOMENT this happened a train of problems started.

    1) Unstable Connection and poor quality servers.

    2)Cheaters and bots TOLERATED by Gameforge

    3)Vast amount of players left the game and an MMO with low community cannot function properly.

    4)Game bugs.

    As a player dealing with these problems i say "i quit" and i quited.And it was actually ok i had fun and played other mmos and other game genres.

    After years, i decided to come back due to nostalgia to play Aion Classic EU.

    It is really funny to find a game starting in 2023 with UNSTABLE CONNECTION to its servers , poor quality servers , INGAME LAG SPIKES and graphic bugs. Its amazing.

    When you gameforge guys decided to publish this game on EU you should really try harder to SUPPORT this kind of game.You failed to even provide the basic fundamental elements of a MMO game which is a good quality server , live support and cross server gameplay (for all aspects of the game not only Dredgion).

    Today i uninstalled. Shame on the money i spend on a troublesome product.