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    Aion KR full of bots

    Aion NA full of bots

    Aion EU full of bots

    you really think Eu will make a difference even if the GF wants it

    this was and is NC's policy of making money with bots

    I also have a feeling that most of these bots,

    they are bots players who can't play fair, that's why it's loud on the forum and in the game that bots are good for the economy, etc.

    I am incredibly disappointed and sad when I log into the game that we have something like this and that we still sponsor it...

    there are two exits

    1.find another game

    2.accept that we are playing with cheaters

    I'm a farmer and a craftsman, the game doesn't make sense to me because it's competing with players using bots.

    - I was supposed to start fighting it by creating an internaktwyno map of bot locations + excel database. but I lacked motivation for something that would not be appreciated anyway

    Wake up people it was 15 years ago and it will be now, the proof is NA where Aion is dead. This is to extort money from people without providing them with even a basic quality of service and pretending to respect their client.

    No amount of forum threads or player petitions will change that as long as NC and GF profit from bots and cheaters.

    If they were going to do it, they would have done it from the start of Classic!!!

    because you can believe me they know more than all of you that this game is all about bot competition

    Don't be fooled again and don't waste your time, money and energy on sentiment for this game