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    1 PM in the night and the PVP-Hackers (rifters) come out with the ping-hack they make you disconnect from the game and then kill you for AP.

    "Bots" with multiclient-scripts, invisibility hack and teleport anywhere hack have GM-powers - does NCSOFT/Gameforge give the accounts of gold-farmers admin-rights?

    State of the game: <X:thumbdown:

    Why repeat the retardedness of untradable items?

    I can understand it for event-given usables, but not for gear etc.

    Atleast make things able to be put in the account bank for your other characters to use.

    Especially gear bought by merchants.

    (lowlv items for re-skin)

    (AP pvp gear items)

    (pvp quest coins trader items/wings)

    etc, etc,


    the Tahabata server is really low on real player population, 80% of the characters are bots.

    Botters multi-control multiple characters all at once.

    Finding a group of real players for important main quests that lead into a 6-man dungeon takes long and will take even longer in the future. Leveling up a second character is pain.

    So I made a char on Atreia server just to check out how it is and as it turns out it's like 5x more populated, doing well.

    Can we please merge both servers so we can have a solid overall playerbase? (of real players)


    Lv50 skillbooks can replace the following stigmas, they share a cooldown.

    For example, Asmo Chanters get the lv50 skillbook "Aether Spell" that is the same as the stigma "Curtain of Aether" but "only"* reduces 50% of incoming damage but costs less mana. Both share a cooldown so you can only ever use 1 of them. Meanwhile the skillbook versions are slightly weaker, it is better to conserve a stigma slot. The following stigmas are just for explanatory reasons, see them as the lv50 skillbook versions and you get the same differences.

    *it's actually better this way as it depletes the 5000 shield-points slower than the 60% stigma version

    Sorcerers are an exception to this with lv44 stigmas "boon of strength/quickness".


    Class: Cleric

    (balanced) (difference: 3 eHP)

    Elyos: Yustiels Splendor

    1403 Heal + 1400 Heal over Time (HoT)

    Asmo: Marchutans Splendor

    1403 Heal + 1403 Shield

    Class: Templar

    (Elyos Templars are stronger)

    Elyos:  Punishment of Light 1

    907-911 dmg

    2 seconds Stun

    Asmo: Punishment of Darkness 1

    907-911 dmg

    50% absorb (self-heal for 455 HP)

    Class: Glad

    (Asmo Glads are stronger)

    Elyos:  Shattering Wave 1

    443-447 dmg

    15 meter range (ranged attack)

    18 enemys

    10 meter AoE radius (from the target)

    -600 def / 30s debuff

    Asmo: Piercing Rupture 1

    1081-1085 dmg

    0 meter range (meelee attack)

    18 enemys

    10 meter AoE radius (from yourself)

    -600 def / 30s debuff

    Class: Chanter

    (Elyos Chanters are stronger)

    Elyos: Divine Curtain 1

    5000 Shield +2240 Heal over Time (HoT)

    50% of dmg taken will be shielded

    6 allies, 20 meter range, 15 seconds

    Asmo: Curtain of Aether 1

    5000 Shield

    60% of dmg taken will be shielded (which is worse because it depletes the shield points faster)

    6 allies, 20 meter range, 15 seconds

    Class: Assasin

    (Elyos Assasins are stronger)

    Elyos:  Divine Rune 1

    explodes 5 runes

    20 meters range, 1 target

    +silence debuff

    + attack speed reduction debuff

    Asmo: Rune Swipe 1

    explodes 5 runes

    20 meters range, 1 target

    X% absorb (self-heal for some HP)

    Class: Sorcerer

    (debatable - Elyos sorcs hit harder and more precise, getting through enemy Mress, Asmo sorcs can turn on chaingun mode and just blast away all their mana - I'd say Asmo sorcs are getting the better deal here)

    Elyos: Boon of Strength 1

    +500 magic boost

    +500 magic accuracy

    15 seconds

    Asmo: Boon of Quickness 1

    50% casting time reduction (turbo fast casting)

    15 seconds


    As for Rangers, both seem the same in this patch, correct me if I'm wrong.

    As for Spirit Masters, Elyos summon a Tempest Spirit while Asmos summon a Magma Spirit. Which of both is stronger? Only SM players may know.

    The game will always have balance issues. You get enough veteran players to play one side, and it will carry that race until equal competition is present from the other side and there is good leadership.

    If there would be enough long-term dedicated players, I would bother to take that responsibilities and teach legions how to be successful, but if you don't know who will stay or how gameforge intends to proceed with the game, it's not worth making the effort.

    Elyos, in my opinion, has better PVE opportunities with Zapiel and Bolvig, and thus can come out stronger.

    Elyos have an easier campaign and better dungeons, the race acceleration is faster.

    This may be intended storywise.

    The Asmo side having more hardships to overcome should forge stronger players, but I don't see it happening yet, often wondering how the heck certain people made it to lv50 in the first place.

    On top of the rifting problem where entire elyos-legions camp important mainquest spots and dungeon entrances in asmodae to prevent the asmo side from doing their mainquests / grinding gear. Then we lose players because they never get to do their campaign, meanwhile the elyos advantage snowballs.

    Just play the game or leave.

    No need to get toxic, especially when you play Aion on easy mode.

    As for Tahabata server,

    in PvP Elyos are winning since day 1, getting more AP from dred bc 90% winrate, having fat archon PvP gear, half of Elyos players on the server are spending most of their day camping in Asmodae with their entire legion.

    Almost all the skilled PvP players picked Elyos race.

    Doing dred as Asmo is'll have a story to tell at the end of it.

    Asmo tanks tend to mark the Ely cleric or chanter with 1. (instead of giving them ZZZ and putting the 1 on cloth, then leather)

    On siege, our Asmo alliance leaders put the kisks in a fort that is going to be attacked by Elys instead of somewhere near where we attack. If they even HAVE an alliance kisk....

    We don't get functional groups,classes in siege partys are a wildcard. If there are even 6 people ONLINE in the party.

    People can't handle their mana. I have a mana heal so I pay attention to the partys mana bar.

    They don't use mana treatment or pots whatsoever, Dux is at 80% and they are out of mana and sit down to rest.

    They are inefficient and don't know the techniques to maximize their damage output.

    I do more DPS as a support chanter than a full DPS ranger. That should not be possible.

    Unfortunate for us few good Asmo players to be weighted down by the mass of noobshits.

    Is it the same for Atreia server??

    Because when I enter quick dred bc it's too late and I think I ain't find a party for dred that late, then I get 5 Asmos from Atreia server in my dred, and they are even worse then our noobshits from Tahabata, we don't even make it to the prison cells for the daily quests.

    Which leads me to assume that Asmos are the losing faction on both classic servers.

    In the first place Gameforge should have used Cloudflare technology servers with ddos-protection.

    It is well known for years and should already be industry standard.

    Gameforge getting DDoSed by griefers / people that invested too much and got ripped off and then feel angry about classic, it was to be expected.

    A bit more self-reflection would be wise. Gameforge is not exactly the most popular company.

    I find it hard to believe that among the people that worked on the planning of aion classic, nobody actually thought about anything of this.

    Server is crashing since 26. April 2023,

    still crashing today.

    A lot of people experience massive lags, aswell as regular disconnects.

    Aion cannot be played this way.

    We all ask for a recompensation in Siels Energy time and instance entrance scrolls.

    Because we loose time on Siels Energy that we paid for if we cannot play the game because the server keeps crashing.

    Also we loose instance entrys because we get kicked out halfway through Adma or Dred.

    Yesterday, even the login server did not show up, there was just a loading screen but nothing else.

    Gameforge, please fix your servers.

    If you can't deal with DDoS-attacks, use Cloudflare-Servers with DDoS-Protection.