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    I can confirm that it was indeed an instant 24 hour ban which was applied after I tried connecting through a vpn for the first time.

    Ich kann es nicht mal mehr im Gameforge Client starten. 😅

    Nach dem drücken auf Spielen erscheint ein roter Banner mit "Dieses Spiel steht dir zurzeit nicht zur Verfügung. Bitte kontaktiere den Support."

    Weiß jemand, was man da machen kann?

    Here, progress is in sight! I used to be able to get into the game, but I would get a message: You have been disconnected from the server.

    Now I just can't get the game to start! This game currently unavailable to you. Please contact Support. Thanks for the great nostalgia gamfrogj!

    Got the same problem, anyone know a fix?

    Already tried to reinstall the Gameforge and Aion Client but the problem still occurs.

    there has to be a more adequate way in dealing with ddos attacks…

    Hi guys,

    my game client recently stopped working all of a sudden, it tells me the following error message whenever I launch the game and the loading bar finishes as can be seen below:

    "<p>Could not connect to the shop server.(10060)</p>

    <pThe client must be restarted for trouble-free use of the shop.</p>"

    Did anyone else experience such a behaviour?

    I'm playing on an i5-1035G1 with 8 GB RAM running Windows 11 Pro if that helps.